How To Actually Achieve Work Life Balance

Sep 4, 2018

Achieving work life balance is tricky. It cannot be pursued, it can only be prioritized. Check out this video where I share how I achieved work life balance.


You probably know I spent 20 years working as a corporate lawyer.


In many areas I was incredibly successful. But I failed terribly in 1 particular area – work life balance.


And that’s because I pursued it, like I did all my other goals. Pursuing goals was something I was good at, so I always wondered why I never succeeded at that one.


You see, work life balance is a little bit tricky.


You can’t pursue what life balance like you would any other goal.


What you need to do is prioritize it.


Now what do I mean by that?


When you try and pursue work life balance, you tell yourself, “okay I need to finish all of these emails, I need to finish this work before this time, I’ll rush home spend time with my family”


Now, what’s gonna happen there is you’re not gonna be fully present with your family even though you’re with them.


Your mind is gonna be, “what’s going on with this email, what’s going on at this project, maybe I’ll sneak a peek at my office emails…”


Being in that frame of mind really defeats the purpose of being at home.


That’s not work life balance.


Work life balance is something you need to prioritize.


So you need to prioritize being with your family and then when you’re with them you will be fully present, you will actually enjoy them.


The only way to achieve work life balance is to prioritize it, not pursue it.


I just shot a video of this. Click to check it out…


Video: How To Achieve Work Life Balance


One of the things that really fulfils me in life, is helping other families be together, helping parents not be absent from the most important moments in their family’s life.


So, if you’d like to actually achieve work life balance, I’d love to work with you.


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