You’ve got voicemail 🙂


Have just tried calling you, and left a message in your voicemail. 🙂


I called on behalf of Tim Low (the guy you saw in the advertisement) to introduce myself and let you know that you can reach me if there’s anything you would like to speak about, and also to personally invite you to a one hour webinar that Tim is holding. Click on this link to register for the webinar.


The other thing was to tell you that based on what you wrote in your application, Tim would like to have you considered a High Potential Student, as we have noticed that our students with a good work ethic, and who want to succeed online to benefit others in addition to themselves, have an accelerated success path. What that means is that Tim can give you certain extra benefits and spend more time working with you, showing you the exact steps and strategies that he used to fully replace my lawyer’s income within 6 months of signing up. This is at NO extra charge to you.


1. Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill


First, Tim would like to give you a copy of Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. It’s a business and motivational classic. It’s a fantastic book that Tim thinks is instrumental in getting his business up and running.


We’d really like for you to have a copy as we believe that it will help you too.


Get your copy here:


2.  Ways To Get In Touch


To reach me, simply reply to this email, or the number that appears on your phone.


To reach Tim, simply reply to any of the emails that he has sent to you.  Once you attend his startup webinar, you will also get a link to his calendar so that you can arrange to speak with him.


Also, communicating over Skype is particularly important for High Potential Students, because as you progress, there will be numerous calls with Tim where you will need to use features that only Skype provides (that mobile and conventional telephone services do not).


Many of these calls are charged to normal students but are Free for High Potential Students.


3.  Exclusive webinars


Also, as a High Potential Student, when you upgrade to Essential Membership, Tim will also arrange for you to have access to webinars conducted by 2 students, and his good friends in SFM who made over $200k commissions in a month. These outside SFM and are charged at $50, but he will make these free to you. Also, these are very in demand and by invitation only, so please do not share the link with anyone. By hanging out with the best in the business, we can learn so much and start to do what they do, to have the results that they have.


The other thing that’s hugely beneficial from these weekly webinars is that Chris (who leads this) used to be a truck driver with no prior experience in online businesses – proving that anyone can do this if they put their minds to it.


At this stage, you will also be invited to our weekly team hangouts, and our private Facebook group where we all encourage each other on our individual entrepreneurship journeys.


We look forward to seeing you at the webinar, and to working with you to build your success!

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See you then!


(on behalf of Tim Low)

P.S. Remember to register for our webinar 🙂 
==> Click on this link to register.


P.P.S. Book a call with your personal SFM Consultant as soon as possible! His contact details are on the SMS I just sent to you and on the right margin at this link