My YouTube Ad Kit

What I use to produce my YouTube videos and run my YouTube Ads

My Gear

Many of my members have asked me for stuff that I use to get my videos done.  Here’s the list.

Most aren’t essential.  Veeroll is, a phone camera and a selfie stick are all  you need to get going.

But if you really want to know…

Oh and btw, these are my affiliate links, so I will be getting a commission on these.

The Software


This is incredibly important for placing in-stream ads, where your ads show up before a video. Get this and go through the training on how to structure an ad. But don’t learn how to put up a Veeroll ad, cos we won’t be using that.

Besides a camera, this is the MOST important thing you’ll need to purchase.

Purchase here:

The Hardware

iPhone 6 Plus

All my videos are shot on an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB.  128GB makes sure that I don’t run out of space.  If you’re using an Android smart phone, that will do just fine, and the memory is upgradable, so you don’t need to worry too much about it.

If you want to use exactly what I use (WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARY IN THIS CASE), here is the link:


Monopod/ Selfie Stick/ Desk Tripod/ Mobile Clamp/ Remote Trigger, etc

These are the exact ones I use, but I’ve added a couple of things which I talk about below.


Sturdier Desk Tripod base

I upgraded my mini tripod base to this one. It’s got extendable legs so is sturdier on uneven ground, and acts as a nice counterbalance when attached to the selfie stick.

It’s ball joint is also stronger and supports the Yunteng monopod better.


Lightweight Selfie Stick

I also use a lightweight selfie stick which I just pop into my pocket, and it has a cable that acts as a trigger, so I don’t need to carry the wireless trigger around.


Lavalier Mic
Not the cheapest, but works really well with smartphones. Only drawback is that it’s cable is too short, so an extension is neccessary. Use the original Rode extension. I went through 3 non-original before finding one that worked.


Mic extension

See comment above

If you want to get the mic and extension bundled, it’s cheaper here:


And a Nikon Tripod that was a freebie that I got with another camera.


A NON-ESSENTIAL, but I use a Zoom H6, if I want to pick up some audio from the background

A shotgun mic helps lend authority to your voice. You can get the H6 and shotgun bundled here.