Don’t ever think you’re less worthy of success than anyone else

Aug 31, 2017

Thinking that you are not worthy of success is the number reason people do not succeed. Change that one thought, and change your life. Learn more.


One of the things that really upsets me is that when people think that I am somehow better than them, or put me on some form of pedestal.  It’s almost like they think I’m more worthy of success than they are… and it’s really upsetting


That might seem like an odd way to start this message, but that was the thought foremost on my mind.


I’ve been fairly successful at starting and running my online business. And it’s fair for anyone who’s just starting to think “whoa – look at this guy, how will I ever get there”.


And if I’m being truthful, when I started, I did look at a lot of people who have been successful, and I thought the exact same thing.


But I’ve recently had a couple of people tell me the strangest thing – “of course you can make this work – you used to be a lawyer!” I was so taken aback I didn’t know how to react. And so I didn’t. And they started explaining themselves – lawyers are supposed to be smart, eloquent, write well… etc…


I did eventually find the words to respond…  no one is more worthy of success than anyone else!


And this is the truth – having been one of the top lawyers in my field for sometime, I was a spoilt little (well… big…) brat of a person. Let’s start with this – I had someone to type me emails for me! If you type your own emails – you’re already ahead of me in this game!


When I first started this online business, and started blogging – I too thought lawyers could write – and we can – it’s just that NO ONE ELSE understands us! And so my business coaches had to coax my big ego out of the way I usually wrote!


I had also spent most of my career with the comfort that my views were seldom challenged – after all, they represented the legal opinion, and to go against it may have left them uninsured, for example.


I’ve never sold a thing in my life (not even on ebay or garage sale), never been in charge of generating revenue, couldn’t count to save my life (of money), never had to deal with a computer challenge beyond just picking up the phone and calling someone…


All of these things could have stopped me. But I didn’t let them.


I’m not saying this to brag. And I’m not saying this to inspire. I’m saying this to provide you with EVIDENCE. I’m saying this to tell you that you can do this. I am evidence of that.


You have your challenges and I have my challenges. But the only person who can tell you that your challenges are too big that it will prevent you from becoming successful is YOU.  The only person who can tell you that you are not worthy of success is YOU!


So think about this – if you want to start an online business, you can succeed because:

#1 there’s evidence of people with challenges succeeding – and once that 4 minute mile is broken, and it’s proven to be possible – lots of other people could do it too

#2 the blueprint for success is proven to be repeatable if you just execute it

#3 I’ll be here for you to show you the mistakes I made, and the successes I had, so that you don’t have to walk that same winding road I did


All those 3 reasons should theoretically make it easier for you than for me!


But most of all– you and I were created equal – we were created in love, to love, and to be the best versions of ourselves to our Creator’s glory.


So don’t ever think that you are less than anyone else.  You are just as worthy of success as all the most successful people you see.


I say this lovingly,

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