Are you too comfortable to build your future?

Sep 12, 2019

Being comfortable can be an obstacle to making changes that will improve our lives. However, that’s often the best time to start making these changes.


A couple of students this week were talking to us how they just couldn’t take the step to actually launch their businesses.


They’ve followed the training, used the coaching, put in the hard work – in short, they had everything they needed in place – except they haven’t launched their businesses. 


For one of them, he was extremely comfortable in his current job.  He earns multiple six figures, and because he’s been at it practically his whole career, it’s easy for him.


Comparatively, running a new business, just seems so very difficult.


He acknowledged that every “reason” he had for not actually launching his business were really “excuses”, and yet couldn’t move past them.


We get a mixture of students. 


There are those who start with nothing – when they succeed, they become the “rags to riches” success stories.


For these students, the motivation is to get out of poverty – for themselves, and for their families.  That’s  a powerful motivation.


And then there are those students who have similar backgrounds with me. 


Long corporate careers, well paid, comfortable – but just don’t have the time to pursue their passions, spend time with their families.


Students who really want something more in life than pushing paper around.


For these students, we’ve found it’s especially important that they get really clear on their motivation for wanting to start a home business. 


With no clear immediate need for them to keep taking action, it’s easier to stop taking action on their long term goals, and businesses, because they would keep getting those high salaries for doing something that they’re so used to doing.


What we’ve found really helps, is getting really clear on why they’re doing this – whether it’s so that they can stay home with their kids, give back to society, retire their spouses, etc.


When you have a clear motivation, and that motivation is for someone else’s benefit other than yours, it becomes so much easier to keep taking action.


After all, it’s easier to let yourself down, than to let down someone you care about.


Ironically, while we’ve seen many rags to riches stories, the best time to start a business, and to build that future that you desire, is when you are comfortable.


That’s when your mind is relatively free from worry.  When you’ve got cashflow, and your basic needs are taken care of.


Sadly, many wait till it’s too late – when their bosses have started giving them a hard time, or worse, when they’ve been given their marching orders.


By then, they’ll be approaching their businesses from a place of desperation, and trading their long term goals for short term gratification, or cashflow. 


I’ve still seen people succeed doing that, but it’s that much harder. 


And sometimes, when they’ve gotten successful, they’ve ended up trading so much of their long term vision for cashflow, their businesses end up becoming just another job.


In conclusion, being comfortable can be a bad thing, if you let that keep you from taking action.


Otherwise, there’s no better time to start a business that will fulfil your long term goals.




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