I wasn’t thinking big enough, and am paying the price for it

Apr 20, 2017

Thinking big enough is crucial to success, I recently learnt that the hard way, and this is my ‘confession’


Recently, as I spoke with one of my team members, he recommended this book, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.


I grabbed a copy, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t thinking big enough.  If you’d like a copy of The Magic Of Thinking Big too, you can get a copy by clicking here.


Not thinking big got me into a rut…


I had reached a bit of a rut in my online business, and every time it seems like I’m about to break through, I end up… well, not.


To give you some background – I was a corporate lawyer for 20 years, earned a mid-six figure salary. My mind was used to that sort of figure.


Signed up for the SFM, and didn’t make any decent money for 4 months. Met SFM co-founder Jay Kubassek, who gave me a proper talking to, and then fully replaced my lawyer’s income in the 6th month after signing up for SFM, a mere 2 months later, in August 2016. What happened in that conversation with Jay was a mindset shift.  As a side note, I also lost 30 pounds of fat in that time with the help of SFM mentors who believed that I needed to learn to look after myself if I was going to look after a business.


At the time Jay spoke to me, I was down in the dumps – used to having a high pay and then finding myself over-confident in my business, having quit my job, and now having to do something I knew nothing about. That mindset shift got me to believe in myself and to take the action I need to take to succeed. That mindset shift was all that was needed to get me back to earning the sort of money I was used to.


After getting my income replaced, I declared my plan at SFM Momentum Day in Brisbane Australia in December 2016, to scale my business to earning 6 figures a month. I thought to myself, it can’t be all that hard. Technically, all that’s required is to do more of the same. And I have evidence of friends and mentors who have crossed into the multiple 6 figure months.


Not thinking big because I was TOO comfortable…


So, even though I had evidence of success before me, even though I was technically competent, I was in the most deadly place of all, my comfort zone. That same comfort zone that kept me in a job, and away from my family for years. I was so comfortable, I stopped thinking big.


Each time I scaled up and progressed towards my goals, it would be the same story… because I wasn’t thinking big, my comfort always pulled me back to the range I was comfortably operating in. Because I wasn’t thinking big, I allowed many things to pull me back – laziness, fear, making excuses, and all the things that would have prevented me from starting this online business or making any money at all from it.


So, I’m disappointed to say that I have not crossed 6 figures of earning a month, which is not to say that I am not grateful for what I have.


I have time and financial freedom that I never dreamt were possible, and the satisfaction of working with, and helping amazing people towards their freedom, just like the chap who recommended this book to me.


I am however, disappointed in myself – that I had to learn this lesson more than once.


This time, I’m going to keep thinking big.



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