There’s NO secret to success…

Feb 28, 2019

There’s no secret to success. Success leaves clues. Business systems create repeatable results, and the right mentorship will accelerate you getting there.


Are you looking for some magic formula that will help you make money online?


Let me be blunt, and tell you that it doesn’t exist.


Just yesterday, I was talking to one of my students.  She wanted to know the “secret” that I used to become successful online.


I told her plainly that there is no secret.


There is a blueprint that we share with all our students.  And the blueprint is designed to replicate results.


Stuart, who came up with this blueprint, replaced his income within 6 months, and then went on to earn multiple six figures in the next months.


I followed Stuart’s blueprint and did the same.


Will everyone who follows the blueprint get exactly the same results?  Can we guarantee results?


The answer is no for both, and if anyone promises you that, I’d recommend you run.  Quickly.


With any legitimate business, the results that you get are just a reflection of the work you put in and the value you provide.


We provide a blueprint that has worked for many students around the world.  It certainly worked for me…


20 years of corporate law left me not knowing anything about marketing online, and yet, following that blueprint replaced my income within 6 months.


I certainly didn’t have any “secret ninja tricks”, I even dictated email replies to my secretaries!


One piece of advice from one of my mentors did give me a breakthrough though.  And what he said was this – don’t believe that anyone who is successful has anything that you don’t – the only difference between you and them is time.


That’s because time represents several things – time gives us the opportunity to learn, and to execute, and if we’re doing that, time gives us experience.


As mentors, what we do is to share our experience with you, our journeys, so that you can take less time to accomplish more.


(If you think that sounded odd, that’s how the human race has progressed, through each generation accomplishing more than the last.)


One of my most common refrains to my students is this – never put me on a pedestal – I’m not here to inspire you.  Instead, look at me as evidence that anyone can succeed at starting an online business if you put your mind, and effort to it.


So, in conclusion, use the blueprint, it’s there to cut out the variables.  As Stuart likes to say, people fail, systems don’t.  Then use the experience of those like me, who have succeeded, to help accelerate your own success.


Let me know what you think!



* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.