Stop Giving Away Your Power To Achieve Your Dreams

Jul 9, 2019

The moment you blame someone or something for where you are, or an outcome you didn’t want, you give away your power. Take back your power today.


We can’t make you successful


That’s a shock


Someone marketing courses to teach people to succeed online saying that we can’t make you successful…


Well, no one in the world can make you “something”.  


I can’t make you a liar if you’re not.  I can’t make you honest if you’re not.


I can tell someone the benefits of being honest, and I can show someone how to be honest, but I certainly can’t make someone honest!


And that’s the power that every person has.  All of us have the power to choose who and what we want to be.


But ultimately that power to choose is ours.


I hear people saying that they took a course in something and it didn’t work because they didn’t become successful, or they didn’t get the abs they always wanted.


That’s giving your power to achieve that away to that course.


The power to achieve that is in you, not in any course you can buy.


By giving that power away, you’re giving away your ability to create a future that you want.


Like being honest or getting fit or anything else, all the courses that I promote tell you the benefits, and then show you how you can get there.


I used a particular online program, which I now promote, to replace my lawyer’s income in 6 months.


No matter how much you read about it, or watch the videos, or internalize the course – it’s not going to replace your income unless you exercise your power to take action.


You need to choose to do the same.  I’ve shown, and many others have as well, that it’s possible to make a good living online.


The program isn’t going to make you a good living online.


You need to be the one who does that.


That’s in your power, and no one else’s.


It’s the same as buying a gym membership, or even choosing not to get angry.


The power of choosing to go to the gym to work out, or choosing not to get angry when someone annoys you is yours.


If you don’t exercise it, you’re just giving your power away.


Conversely, if you do exercise that power, if you do choose to do exactly what the person who achieved the results did to achieve those results, why would you not also achieve the same results.


The only reason you’re not exactly where you want to be in life, is that you’re giving away the power to get there.


Are you going to exercise your power?




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