Stand Out With Integrity For A Sustainable, Successful, Fulfilling Business

Jun 29, 2017

Your integrity will make you stand out, particularly online. An online business built on integrity will flourish and stand the test of time.  Find out why.


The internet is a great place to pretend that you are not who you are, and indeed many businesses hide behind the anonymity of the internet to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do “in the light of day” so to speak.


While there will always be individuals who behave in that manner, there presents an opportunity to those who do wish to carry out their businesses with integrity.


That’s because if you act with honesty, transparency and integrity online, you are a rare commodity. And anything rare is valuable and desirable.


But how will people know you’re honest? Actually, this one is easier than you think – people sense it. The generation is the most pitched to generation in history. Think about your own experience – can’t you tell when someone is trying to have you on? And I’m sure you can tell when someone is being honest with you!


Once you have a trusted online presence and brand, you can literally sell anything you want. That’s where your integrity becomes even more important. There will always be opportunities online, and it’s so easy to get affiliate marketing rights, that the temptation to market a lot of products becomes very real.


How I maintain my integrity online


Where I draw the line for myself is to market only products that I have used, have benefitted me, and that I continue to use. The quality of my endorsement is my brand. The moment I lose that, I lose everything I’ve worked for.


I was a corporate lawyer for 20 years. While I have stopped doing that, the values of integrity required to be an “officer of the court” continue. I certainly wouldn’t want to lend my name to brands that I do not know for sure offer value. While my professional career shaped me to think in that manner, it is my opinion that everybody who is serious about building an online presence, ought to think in that manner.


In my business of affiliate marketing, coaching and mentoring, I come across many tools that I need to use. I narrow down the tools I need into the best 2 or 3 for each category, and often buy 2 to use. After a couple of months I will end up using just one. Typically, I will be allowed to be an affiliate of both these products. However, I will only represent the one that I continue to use myself. That is the line in the sand for me. A line I will never cross because my brand of trust depends on that.


Work with partners and mentors who value integrity


If you’re considering an online business, or if you already run one, do create rules and boundaries for yourself, and work with coaches and mentors with similar values. There are too many people who have done it the less honest way, and while they have made a lot of money, they’re businesses were not sustainable. So take the high road, you’ll not only have a more sustainable business, you’ll also find greater satisfaction.



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