How To Replace Fears With Confidence For Your Success!

May 16, 2017

Confidence is the key to standing up to any wave in your life, and coming out successful. The key is to replace your fears with confidence.


Fear is just in your mind?!!?


We often tell people “overcome your fears” or “your fears are just in your mind”, but you can’t get rid of a thought that way. You need to replace that thought with self confidence.


Whether a fear is “in your mind” or an actual physical threat, it exists, because after all, fear does reside in your mind!


Replace fear with confidence


The best way I’ve found of overcoming fear, is to replace it.


Don’t think of the Eifel Tower. I’m almost certain that a picture of the Eifel Tower just popped into your mind! That’s how our minds work – they can’t tell the dos from the don’ts – so just focus on the dos – and in this case, replace your fears with confidence.


What confidence really is


Confidence is something that comes with knowing that all of us, as people are essentially the same. There is no one that needs to be put on a pedestal to be looked up to. We are all on a journey, some people are just further along on that journey than others.


Culturally, we tend to look for “leaders”. A leader is typically someone with results that we want for ourselves. Then we start to think of these leaders as somehow having greater abilities than ourselves. This then makes us fearful, and doubt as to whether we can achieve those same results start to creep in.


When I first started my online business, I looked at the people doing so well in this. I had 2 thoughts about this. First, they are evidence that this is possible. Second, these people have some gift I probably don’t, but hope I do.


A little perspective can give alot of confidence


SFM co-founder Jay Kubassek then said to me when we met in Bali, 4 months into my online business adventures, that the only difference between him and the us newbies, is that they are further along in the journey than we are. There’s nothing special about the leaders. Everyone can do this. And 2 months later, I fully replaced my lawyer’s paycheck with that online business.


As you can see, that perspective alone my level of confidence in myself to a point that results started to follow. In my mind, there was both evidence that I could find success in my online business, and evidence that normal people like me could do it.


Keep up the confidence!


With that perspective, you’ve replaced that fear in your mind with confidence. The next thing you need to do is to keep that confidence. And the best way of doing that is to build confident habits. In our SFM entrepreneurial community, we are all taught to build habits in 90 day challenges.


So, pick a couple of confidence builders, walking tall without that hunch, or even going up to someone at a networking session and introduce yourself. Whatever you pick, do it for 90 days.


Remember, no one is born with confidence. We were first given the perspective, and then we built the habit. Once you do this, you will be rid of your fears, and success will inevitably follow.



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