Success is learning to prioritize your greatest joy

Aug 24, 2017

Learning to prioritize our greatest joy gives us a sense of clarity as to what is truly important to us in life, and makes us fruitful in those areas.


One of the things that gives me immense joy is reading emails from people who respond to my articles where they share how those articles have impacted their lives.


What struck me was how most people are really committed individuals. They are committed to their jobs, their families, and many are even committed to helping strangers and charities.


All these are worthy commitments, and I would never advocate deprioritizing any of them.


So – what is your greatest joy?


The question I’d like you to ask yourself today, is not which one of those you think is most important, but rather, which one of those give you the greatest joy.


It is only by knowing what brings you the greatest joy, that you will know what is truly important to you. The emphasis is on the words “to you”.


Work is important. And when your boss is getting agitated with you on the phone and your trying to read to your kids while putting them to bed, your boss is suddenly more important than your kids. But by prioritizing the greatest joy, I’m pretty certain you’ll agree that reading to your kids is going to bring you greater joy than dealing with your boss at that point in time.


So, once you know what brings you greatest joy, you’ll know what is most important to you. And you can do more of that.


You see where we place our priorities is where we spend most of our time. And where we spend most of our time is where we would bear the most fruit.


Knowing your greatest joy allows you to become fruitful in those areas


I used to spend practically every waking hour in the office, and very little time at home – it’s no wonder that my career flourished while my family life was neglected.


I wanted to spend more time at home, doing things that were truly important to me. Things that brought me the greatest joy. That was the motivation for me to start an online business, and break away from needing to trade time for money. But that’s not what this article is about.


I now work from home, and make it a point to stop work in time to cook dinner for the family as they get back home. That brings me joy. And the more of that I do, the more fruit I bear in that area.


Take a moment to think about what brings you joy today. And choose to do more of it. If you need a hand, I’d be glad to share my journey with you.



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