Perspective: The Hidden Success Factor

Jan 3, 2017

Our perspective has a greater impact on our lives than we imagine.  Changing our perspective can actually change our lives.


Let me start by sharing the chain reaction of changed perspective – changing our perspective, or the way we choose to look at things, will dramatically change the way we end up seeing things; changing the way we end up seeing things will dramatically change the way be behave; changing the way we behave will change the outcome; and changing outcomes, change our lives.


Make sense?


Towards the end of the school holidays, my family and I went to the Art Science Museum in Singapore…


…to visit an exhibition of works by Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Dutch artist and mathematician. One of the exhibits was a room that distorts perspective.


Picture of me, at the Art Science Museum in Singapore, in a room that distorts perspective.


On the right, a picture of me on 2 ends of that room, taken from exactly the same spot.


When I saw that, what immediately came to mind was how our perspective or perception of how large or small our obstacles to our success are, in relation to our own abilities came to mind.


We distort our own perspectives when we face challenges…


If our perspective makes our obstacles or challenges seem too big, and our abilities seem too small, we automatically shy away from even trying to overcome that challenge, because we are wired to not want to fail.


And often, those obstacles are not too big. It’s what we’ve become accustomed to telling ourselves. Fear of failing is one of our brain’s ways of keeping us alive. Back when our daily pursuits involved hunting down dinner, failure could have meant that we ended up being dinner.


So we need to learn to consciously look at ‘failure’ differently…


I’ve written many blog posts on that, but the one I’d like to highlight here is to look at ‘failure’ as a way of gathering experience. The more experience we get at dealing with a particular problem, the larger we appear in relation to that problem. Experience shifts our perspective.


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This new year, adopt a new perspective.

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