Negativity: Overcome this success barrier with this simple hack

May 2, 2017

Negativity is not normal. It eats away at us, and prevents us from being the most successful we can be. Once I shook off my negativity, I attained success I never knew was possible.


Negativity is all around us


Just turn on the news, and you’re immediately bombarded by negativity. Closer to home, well meaning loved ones tell us that we shouldn’t pursue our dreams lest we fail and hurt ourselves.


We start to acclimatize, and soon we embrace this negativity as the norm.


I took things one step further and started thinking of negativity as a virtue. The cynical lawyer who knew better.


It started with me abandoning my dreams of being anything more than a corporate lawyer, which is why I did that for 20 years. In those 20 years, I started getting more jaded and negativity had become a “strength” – I could see danger where no one else could, and was paid handsomely for that advice.


Having a mindset of negativity like that caused be to be negative outside work – I just could not see how people could become successful since all the “dangers” were there in every business undertaking.


That negativity started to creep into my relationships, and eventually, I knew I had to find another way of earning a living.


How negativity got me into an online business


I decided to try starting an online business. After all, the risks and cost of running an online business are far lower than a brick and mortar business, with no need for rent, or staff costs, for example.


So, I signed up for the online entrepreneurship education at the SFM. Of course I was cynical, but the risk was low enough.


Mindset training to overcome negativity


One of the truly great things about this education is the mindset training. One piece of the mindset training that was truly valuable was the exercise to eradicate negativity. Without going into too much detail, you recall the things you have done well, and write a “pep talk” or an advertisement to sell you to yourself. You would then read this to yourself aloud at least once a day and go through it in your mind several times a day.


Before long, I was free of this negativity, and within 6 months of signing up for the SFM, fully replaced my lawyer’s income. I now work with hundreds of people all around the world, to free them of jobs they hate and are shackled to, but their negativity, and the negativity of society.


Would I be enjoying the time and financial freedom I now enjoy, without first eradicating negativity? Certainly not – in fact, I’d probably still be priding my negativity and cynicism.


Choose to walk away from negativity today – for yourself, and for those around you.




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