Live In The Now – Effortless Success Tip

Dec 1, 2016

Most of us live our lives in the past or the future. Much as we hate to admit it, we hardly live in the now, and in fact, most of us do not know how to live in the now.


Do you wish you were more attentive, or could just enjoy things a little more? Well, that makes you just like me, and almost everyone else, and might I add, absolutely normal.  And all you have to do to achieve those, is to live in the now, and not speed through life worried about, and trying to get from the past to the future and bypassing the present.


The thing is, most of us aren’t living here in the present. We constantly toggle between 2 places, our past and our future.


Remember your last holiday? How present were you then? Were you looking at some beautiful scenery and then caught yourself dreaming? Well, that moment just before you caught yourself was when you were actually living in the now. And right after you chastised yourself for that, you went back to the future or the past. While on that holiday, you might have worried about the work piling up when you get back – that’s anxiety about the future, about an unknown that we have no control over. And the reason we worry about that future, is ironically, because our past forms our experience, and our experience teaches us lessons on how to avoid pain the future.


We must live in the now because…


…each of these, living in the past, and living in the future, takes away from our ability to enjoy the moment for what it is, to give of ourselves in a way that is meaningful to others, and mostly robs us of our ability to succeed and live the life that we were meant to live.


The first 2 are fairly self-explanatory, and so I won’t elaborate any further on them. But how does not living in the now affect our ability to achieve success?


Our experiences in the past, are designed to keep us from making the same mistakes.


And while it is important to learn lessons from our past, these lessons must be specific lessons that I blogged about (Failing Forward, etc). General ‘lessons’ do nothing but create fear. For example, if you overspent your budget, and your company goes bust, the specific lesson would be not to overspend, and the general lesson would be spending makes your company go bust. The general lesson would prevent you from either spending your budget or carried to an extreme, not be an entrepreneur again.


As we’ve already seen, our past has an inextricable link to our future and worries about it. And if we keep worrying about our future that is still unknown, we would quite simply be paralyzed and not be able to make any decisions at all, because all of the future is characterized by a never ending list of ‘what ifs’.


So take a step back from this. Look at your thoughts of your past and your future, and decide that you control your thoughts – your thoughts do not control you. And start to live in the now.


I’ve always dreamt of running my own business, but have always been too afraid from watching many companies fail. I also worried about the future, about how I would provide for my family ‘if’ my business did not make it beyond the early stages. And so it was, when I started my journey in the SFM that I had probably found a way to make myself fail at this within 3 months of starting. Thankfully, my coaches and mentors sat down with me, and coached me into starting to live in the now. Letting go of my past experiences, and fears of the future, helped me to build a now thriving business within the next 3 months.


Being in the present helped me to live my dream life, and I’d like to help you live your dream life of time and financial abundance too. Start for free here.  

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