Importance Of Goals: How you can achieve anything

Mar 7, 2017

The importance of goals:  Having a clear goal allows you to achieve anything.  Your tasks will line up to your goal, and before you know it, you will be there.


I was at the gym this morning, working out, when I started pondering why my workouts have not been as driven as a couple of months back. That reflection brought to mind how that work out was analogous to my life for 20 years, and how having clarity brought me out of a job I hated, into one of the most satisfying work one can imagine. Underscoring, the importance of goals.


As I reflected on the lack of intensity of my work out, it dawned on me. 2 months ago, someone had told me that he didn’t think I could get to a specific percentage body fat by a certain date.


That competitive part of me kicked in, and motivated me to watch my diet, work out religiously at the gym, and push myself in all areas to get to that goal.


That is the importance of goals…


It is so important to have something to work towards, a goal or a destination you want to reach. Without that, everything we do, becomes just tasks, and tasks do not organize themselves into anything meaningful.


Most of us would have heard this saying that highlights the importance of goals – “start with the end in mind”. That’s so important, because without that end in mind, not only do our tasks not line up, we often lose the motivation for seeing things through, especially the hard tasks, which are often the very ones that need to be done.


When I think about that in the context of my life, I had spent 20 years working as a corporate lawyer…


That sounds a lot more complex and glamorous than it really is. When you’ve done the same job for 20 years, most tasks just become a question of putting one foot in front of the other, without any real goal in mind. Without ever thinking what the end point would be. And so I focused on the tasks, and did them the best I could, and became a recognized corporate lawyer.


Then after a week of working 15-18 hour days, I started thinking about what I wanted for me and my family. Not what the company or my bosses wanted from me.


Just having that in mind – knowing the end-point I wanted to get to was to be present for my family, was a game changer…


The moment I was clear on that, I could work towards my goals. Without fully appreciating the importance of goals at that point, I just told myself that I needed to have more time for family, and to serve the community without compromising the lifestyle that my multiple six figure pay as a senior lawyer afforded us.


That clarity alone was a game changer. I found the SFM. I got a mentored by Stuart (a university drop out former real estate agent with multiple 8 figure businesses) and Jay (a 6th grade educated former muffler salesman with multiple 8 figure businesses) who showed me how to replace my six figure pay within 6 months. They showed me how anything was possible.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a nurse, a lawyer, or a stay at home mom – as long as your goal is clear – you can succeed at an online business, and live your dream life.


Having been successful in an online business, I now mentor others, and show them the exact steps I took in my business to replacing my multiple six figure income.


It is a much more satisfying life…


I got a lot more than what I bargained for. Besides the time and financial freedom, I get the satisfaction of helping people live their dream lives. And the ‘thank you’ notes and gratitude of people making their first pay online, and being freed from jobs they hate, that brings true satisfaction, and makes the work all worthwhile.


That is the importance of goals. The joy of having them, and achieving them, is only surpassed by the joy of the journey on the way to them, and as you pass them. And the greatest joy is in helping others on their journeys to realize their goals.

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