How To Be Ready For Opportunities

Sep 5, 2019

The moment you truly feel opportunities are worth your while, they will come, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of them. Learn more.


I was having lunch with a former colleague, and he was commenting that he’s amazed at the number of businesses I’m now a part of, when he’s had so much difficulty looking for opportunities.


I knew exactly what he meant.


When I was in my corporate law career, it just seemed like there were no opportunities for me to start any business or make any investment.


Even when investing in stocks and shares, I felt like I was always the last to know, and chasing the market.


On the other hand, since I started my online business, there have been numerous opportunities knocking on my door.


In fact, in any given week, I find myself having to turn down several people who want me involved in their businesses.


Rather than running after businesses, I now get to pick and choose who I want to work with.  It’s a position that ensures that I get the best deals, a position I’m extremely grateful to be in.


But how did that happen?


Well, firstly, people know I’m available and open to opportunities. 


When I was in my corporate law career, most people would have assumed that I was happy.  And because no one likes getting rejected, you need to go and ask for opportunities.  The moment that happens, you lose any position to negotiate.


Furthermore, because you come across so few opportunities, you don’t want to negotiate too hard either.


Next, is simple supply and demand.


Simply put, there are way more successful corporate lawyers than successful online marketers.  You could go to any mid sized law firm and hire a corporate lawyer.


On the other hand, if you’ve ever tried hiring an online marketer that knew what he or she was doing, that’s a much harder skill set to find.


In fact, a year after I started my online business, I was offered a job as a Youtube marketer in an ad agency for significantly more money than my last drawn pay as a corporate lawyer.  Simply because that skill set is so rare!


And so I told my friend that it came down to this – is he making himself available to opportunities?


I’m not saying that you need to quit your job in order for opportunities to come.


But you need to adopt a posture of openness and availability.


By that, I mean you need to start taking opportunities that are in front of you.


Learn from those, and then take that next step.


I hadn’t quit my job when I first signed up for an online education.  But I took that step.  And I started learning.  And within 6 months I replaced my corporate lawyer’s income.


As I embarked on that education, I made time for it.


I can’t believe how many people tell me that they would love to be where I am, but just don’t have the time.


My working hours back then were 8am to about 9 or 10pm.   If you add commuting to that, that’s a 15 hour day.  I didn’t have the time either.


But I made time.  I decided that it would be worth the sacrifice I needed to make.  So I worked from 11pm or midnight on my new business.


Was it worth my while?  It certainly was for me.


Only you can decide if it’s worth your while.


Following that train of thought – you will only be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities life has for you, if you feel that they are worth your while, and therefore worth putting your effort into attaining.


The moment you decide it’s worth your while, opportunities will come.




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