Spotting Opportunities… Or How I Quit My Job

Apr 18, 2017

I often get asked – what’s changed since I quit my job.  As today is the anniversary of the day I quit my job, I did some reflection this morning…


One year ago today, I quit my job…


I had been a corporate lawyer up till then, and knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing!


The day I quit my job was 2 months and 4 days after I signed up for the training at the SFM.


Within 4 months from the day I quit my job, I would fully replace my lawyer’s income, an income that took me 20 years to build to.


The biggest difference from my life after the day I quit my job, is this…


First let me say, yes, I have the time and financial freedom that I always dreamt of, but surprisingly, that is not the biggest difference for me.


The biggest difference in my life after I quit my job, is in my mind – it’s my mindset.


It is how I see life and how I see things.


I used to see things as obligations, and now see them as opportunities.


Before the day I quit my job, obligation and duty, were common themes in my life. I would see myself as a person who was duty bound. An honourable person who would carry out his duty. This was something I was quite proud of… being someone who would dutifully carry out his duties. Even sending kids to school in the morning was a duty that I DID. It was afterall, the duty done by a good father.


Truth be told, even signing up for SFM was to fulfil an obligation to my wife to thin my growing guitar collection! (I was trying to learn to sell something online…)


And eventually, after “getting” the SFM vision, starting this business was an obligation to provide for my family in a better way than I did before – having time for them, without sacrificing the financial stability.


However, I am glad to say that a short while into the training, I started to notice a shift in my mindset. I became increasingly less driven by obligation and more driven by opportunity.


The school run in the mornings became an opportunity to bond. I started noticing how SFM opened a world of opportunities online for me.


Opportunities lead to more opportunities…


I used to wonder how I could find just ONE opportunity to make additional passive income. Instead, I now see more opportunities for passive income around me, than I have time or need to take advantage of. (Well, I suppose if there was a need, I would make the time…)


This is the thought I would like to leave with you – if you’re anything like I was, and you do things in life out of a sense of duty, you will not see the opportunities even if you go out and look for them. However, the moment you start shifting your mindset to that of looking at life as an opportunity instead of an obligation, you will start to see wonderful opportunities all around you.


And that was the biggest blessing I received after I quit my job.



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