Put Giving Back At The Heart Of Your Business

Dec 22, 2016

Make giving back a part of your life, and you can take your business to the next level. There’s no better time to start than this Christmas.


One of the great things about the SFM community is the emphasis on giving back.


SFM founders Stuart and Jay, both emphasize giving back as one of the core values of the community.


In fact Jay constantly reminds us that once we’ve made a good living online, we owe it to the community and to ourselves to practice giving back to the community…


Having run a system that’s made countless millionaires, Jay has personally witnessed too much self-destruction by people who have made too much money too quickly.


One of the questions I get a lot on phone calls with my team members is how and when one should start giving back. And my answer and personal conviction, is as soon as you can. And this is the reason – if you can’t give back when you’ve got a little, it’s going to be even harder when you have a lot.


I was extremely blessed to have a long a very fruitful legal career.


So when I came into the SFM, one of my goals was to have more time to give back. As a family man with a growing family, having the time to give back wouldn’t have been much good if I didn’t have the financial resources to back it up. But I have been incredibly blessed in the area of finances too, having more than replaced my lawyer’s pay-check.


So, this year, as a family, we put more of our time and resources into giving back to the community…


We took part in our church’s Christmas community outreach projects that reached numerous underprivileged households, and provided them with necessities and hand-made Christmas cards. We also visited nursing homes for the aged, and destitute, provided comfort and consolation to many families.


What really impacted us as a family was my having the time to serve the ones closest to me, my family…


Actively encouraging my older daughter to give of her time and talents in serving the community. She will be in our church’s upcoming Christmas play, and we are so proud of how she is selflessly giving of her time. Every night this week, she will be at rehearsals until mid-night. And on Christmas day, she will be in church the whole day before coming home for Christmas dinner. And she’s doing this on top of serving with us in community projects, planning a Christmas party for the youth groups, and preparing for the reopening of the school year in January.


When I first started in the SFM, I expected to make some money and have some free time. I never expected such an abundance of both. And I certainly never expected this sort positive impact it would have on my family and my community.


Try it out today risk free.

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