Get An Accountability Partner & Achieve Your Goals

Jul 25, 2017

Having an accountability partner increases your chances of achieving your goals. Find one who understands them, and that you are prepared to be accountable to.


“I’m only human” – the excuse I give myself every time I allow myself to let myself down.


Being human, we seem to be able to talk ourselves out of anything. We are always ready with an excuse for ourselves. The sad thing is that while we excuse ourselves, we seldom forgive ourselves and then we live with the regret of excusing ourselves. That regret comes from knowing that we haven’t achieved our full potential – in becoming the person we were created to be.


Since I left a 20 year corporate law career behind and started charting my own path as a digital entrepreneur, I have never felt free-er and closer to being the creation that I was called to be.


It wasn’t always that way. When I first started on my own, I felt lost. I had spent many years being told what to do by clients and bosses. And when I didn’t have that, it was difficult to keep performing at the high level that I was used to.


My first accountability partner


Which is why I am incredibly grateful to the Six Figure Mentors, a community of entrepreneurs that I joined up with. My first accountability partner was leaving his lifetime career in the Air Force behind. We joined the community at almost the same time, and were both wanting to leave long careers behind us to seek our fortunes in the great unknown of the internet.


Good accountability partners are prepared to call you out if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and ideally, they should be going through what you’re going through as well, so that they understand the context of your challenges.


Well, we embarked on our training together, carried out our “daily method of operation” (a Six Figure Mentors way of putting your training into action) together, and when we found we weren’t making the progress we had hoped for, we did our “Easter Reset” together, where we both bit the bullet, and restarted our businesses, and comforted each other saying that “there’s no better time for re-birth”.


When we eventually met at a retreat in Bali, we knew each other so well that my wife and his partner were genuinely surprised!


Within 6 months of starting, I fully replaced my lawyer’s income with a six figure online business, and my accountability partner has now secured himself a senior lucrative position in a global online business, all thanks to the education that we got when we joined this community of entrepreneurs.


But we couldn’t have done it without being the accountability partners we were to each other.


How mentors and accountability partners helped me lose weight


If I pick up the story from Bali, within 2 months of that, I had also lost 30 pounds of fat, and achieved my financial goals. Again, it was down to having mentors and accountability partners from the community who I met at the retreat in Bali.


As the months passed after that I’ve regained some weight, because I’ve given myself the excuses, and had to live with knowing that I can be better than that.


So here I am, all set to lose weight and tone up again. I’ve got my accountability partner from the Six Figure Mentors community again, and am here making a public declaration that I’m losing the weight again!


If you’ve got something in life that you want to achieve, to become the best version of yourself, give yourself the gift of an accountability partner, from a community of a driven, motivated individuals that are all trying to live the best versions of themselves.



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