How Your Free Time & Your Success Are Related

Sep 27, 2018

What you do in your free time determines how successful you will be. By devoting a short time each day, you can drastically transform your life. Learn more.


A student was just asking me whether I thought he had enough time to start his online business.


I get asked that alot, so I thought I’d share this video with you…


What it comes down to is really a question of priorities.


We always give time to what we think (logically or not 😜) is the most important. Do we ever not have time for our bosses? What about our kids 🙂


You need to ask yourself why do you want to start an online business?


Is it to have more time with your family? Or perhaps it’s to get out of that job or business that you’re no longer passionate about?


Once you see that that’s a priority to you, you’re going to give that time.


Jack Ma once said that it’s what we do after 6:00 p.m. that determines how successful we are going to be.


And there’s a lot of truth in that!


If you prioritize watching that TV series, or gaming on a computer… That’s not going to contribute to your success.


Click the image below to check out the video



I hope you got value from that 🙂


If after 6:00 p.m. we can spend an hour or 2 building our online business in a structured way, you will succeed at it.


And if you need that structure, we’re happy to provide it.


So – prioritize – and take action on your priorities – because only your priorities will lead you to your success…


…(and taking action on your boss’ priorities will lead you to his or her success 🧐)


Start working on your priorities today.


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