Follow your DREAM

Jun 14, 2019

Dreams gave us flight and Disneyland. If you follow your dream, you’ll make the world a better place, and live a much more fulfilled life. Learn more.


Walt Disney famously said if you can dream it, you can do it.


If he didn’t live his dream, we wouldn’t have Disney Land, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck…


Or if the Wright Brothers didn’t follow their dream, we wouldn’t have flight, and we’ll be sailing from one place to another.


Our dreams are often larger than ourselves, and because of that, they seem unachievable.  But because they are larger than us, it’s important for us to live our dreams as it’s often something that can positively impact lives around us, and even the world.


So, I hope to encourage you to follow your dreams, but to also give you a dose of reality around what might happen when you do so…


The D in DREAM stands for Distinguish.


Following your dream will distinguish you from others.  Most people end up following someone else’s dream.  Typically the ones who pay their salaries.


As they say, you’re always following a dream, if not yours, then someone else’s.


The R in DREAM stands for Release Your Potential.


I believe that your dream is given to you for a purpose.  Everything you need to achieve that dream is already in you.  If you don’t chase your dream, you’ll never use that potential.


You’re short changing everyone who could have benefitted from your potential, and most importantly, you’re short changing yourself!


The E in DREAM stands for Encourage.


When you follow your dream, it’s never going to be plain sailing.  First, you’ll be going against the norm, and everyone around you, and particularly those who care most about you, are going to discourage you, because they don’t want you to get hurt.  Afterall, it’s better to stay in a job where it’s “safe”.


If you know you’re following your dream, that in itself will encourage you, because you know you’re intending to release all of that potential in you, and you’re going to change the world!


The A in DREAM stands for Attitude.


There’s a saying that your attitude affects your altitude.  And when you start following your dream, you will start to see things from that higher altitude.  The attitude that the small things aren’t going to get you down will prevail.


Recently a mentor of mine shared that his laptop was stolen from his car, and his car window smashed.  His attitude was that he hoped the person who stole his laptop got good value from that, as he was obviously desperate to want to steal a laptop.


If my mentor wasn’t following his dream, he could not have had an attitude like that because when you’re not following your dreams, you hold on tightly to the little things that you had to exchange for giving up your dreams, and that laptop and car window would have been much more precious to him.


Finally, the M in DREAM stands for Motivation.


As I said in E, chasing your DREAM can be tough.  And you need to encourage yourself and stay motivated.


But motivation goes far beyond that.  Remember, your dream was given to you for you to impact the world.  That alone will keep you motivated.


Your motivation becomes that to do the right thing.  Your attitude has already shifted to the bigger picture, but your motivation will shift to doing good for as many people as you possibly can.


You’ll no longer settle for the easiest way.  When people chase money and not their dreams, the means justifies the ends, but that won’t be the case for you, because your motivation is right when you follow your dream, especially since your dream was given to you to make the world a better place.


That DREAM can change your life.


And I don’t mean, just making more money, or being happier…


I see all those changes happening in me since I decided to follow my dream and live my purpose.


I’m by no means “perfect” as the descriptions above might suggest.


But it’s been a journey, and one of massive growth.


Moving away from a 20 year corporate law career wasn’t easy, but…


… following my dream and living my purpose daily, doing the things that are really important to me, have impacted me in every way listed above…


… And being in a community and working with mentors who are all following their dreams has made it that much easier to stay the course.


So remember – don’t stop following your dream!




* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.