Embrace Positivity In 3 Steps And Transform Your Life

May 11, 2017

When you embrace positivity, people around you will immediately notice the difference, and you will start to experience massive changes in results in your ability to achieve your goals


We’ve heard the phrase, “your attitude determines your altitude”. It’s something we tell our children, and tell people we might think need an attitude re-adjustment.


What that phrase conveys is that the way we see things and react to them has a direct impact on how successful we are in life. That applies to everyone who wants to be successful.


How our positivity (or negativity) is conveyed


This is something all of us have experienced. A friend or loved one not opening up about something. Yet we know that they are feeling down. We are more of an open book than we think. Our expression and body language says a lot about us. Even the written word conveys “non-written” cues.


People always pick up on our attitude, and if we have a bad attitude we’ll get a negative reaction. Conversely, if we’re bursting with positivity, you will get the best outcomes out of any encounter.


How positivity works for me


When I first started my online business, I didn’t make any money for the first 6 months, and on the 6th month, I fully replaced my corporate lawyer’s income that took me 20 years to build to. And one of the biggest differences was my positivity.


I had just met with SFM co-founder Jay Kubassek who gave me a pretty major “attitude re-adjustment”. Being positive came across in everything I did, and within weeks, everything turned around, because people and customers picked up on my positivity.


There’s 3 things I keep in mind to maintain this positivity:


1. Look after yourself


When I first joined SFM I was severely overweight. Working with my SFM mentors I lost 30 pounds after my attitude re-adjustment. Looking after myself and feeling good definitely had an impact on my positivity.


2. Do only what you feel is morally right


Have you noticed that when you’ve told a “white lie” to someone, you start to feel guilty, and immediately less confident? Everything that we do that is not morally right erodes our positivity. Conversely, if we are happy and comfortable with our choices, there is a direct impact on our happiness and consequently our positivity.


So, I only promote products that work for me. For example, I’ve tried 2 pieces of accounting software, but I only promote the one that works for me and that I use.


3. Do something worth your while


Most importantly, we must believe in what we do. The knowledge that our life’s work is meaningful is a never ending source of positivity. Finding fulfilling work constantly puts a smile on our face even when we are tired or frustrated.


Which is why I promote the SFM, and hold weekly webinars for my members. It is a product that has changed my life, and I have seen many lives impacted and changed for the better by it. Using SFM as a teaching tool, watching lives transform, gives me an incredible sense of positivity and satisfaction.


Start to transform your life by embracing positivity today.



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