Dream Big, Execute Small, begin your journey today

Jun 5, 2017

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more in life. Dream big, and take that first step in your journey to a life of success and fulfilment. Learn how this corporate lawyer changed his life.


Why we don’t dream big, or even dream at all


We should all dream big, but many of us have stopped dreaming big, because dreaming big hurts.


As kids we dreamt of the great things we would achieve – and that’s natural. I believe God gives us dreams so that we might make the world a better place. But as we grow up, we are taught to “get our head out of the clouds, and keep our feet firmly on the ground”. And if that’s not enough, every time we dream and fail, each disappointment reinforces that lesson. And possibly, those who told us to “get our heads out of the clouds”, are around to “pick us up” by telling us that they “told us so”.


So, we naturally avoid the pain. First, we dream smaller. Then we check each dream, and eventually stop dreaming. Conventional wisdom tells us that we’re now “mature”.


For 20 years of my life, I was “mature”. I was a corporate lawyer, held down a good job with a good pay. My idea of “dream big” was to do my job well and get promoted. I denied my real dreams.


How I started to dream big again


Ironically, it was fear that got me dreaming again. While I was in a good job, I realized that I had little skills outside being a corporate lawyer. I realized that a corporate lawyer’s job of giving advice could easily be outsourced, first to other people who were prepared to do it cheaper and eventually to machines. I worried about needing to “deny myself” and do this for another 20 years.  I also worried about the exact opposite of that, whether or not this would be available for me to do for the next 20 years – the amount of time I would need to get out of the rat race and be prepared for retirement.


When I looked at the options around me, there were none that could replace that corporate lawyer’s income, at least not without huge amounts of investment in education, and years to start a new career. It would seem that just as soon as I started dreaming, my dreams were starting to come apart, just because I was limited by my conditioned thinking.


How I started to execute small


I started learning how to sell online. I should add that this was not part of me taking a step towards my dream, but because my wife and I had agreed that I would thin my collection of guitars.


That was the first small step. Then I heard someone who would soon become one of my mentors, talk about how if you learn to sell one thing online, you can sell anything. So, I took the next small step to sign up for a proper online education with the SFM.


I took many more small steps, learnt and practiced mindset changes, learnt online marketing, and eventually attained what I thought was the impossible. Within 6 months of starting my online education, I had fully replaced a corporate lawyer’s income that took me 20 years to build to.


In my case, the “dream big and execute small” were separate events that intersected. But the lesson that I took from this is that everyone should hold on to their dreams. And every dream is attainable, if you would just take that first small step towards achieving your dreams.


Those small steps are more easily taken with support and mentors who have achieved this, by your side. So, I work with like-minded individuals, successful people who believe that they were created for more than their jobs, showing the exact steps and using the exact system I used to replace my salary.


Start dreaming again. Don’t be afraid to dream big.  And take that first small step towards your dream. After all, as the old Chinese saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


It’s never too late – start today.


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