Creative Thinking In 3 Steps – Simple Success Boosters

Apr 27, 2017

Creative thinking can lead you to a successful life.  And it’s much easier than you think with these creative thinking tips.


We expand our minds in two ways, either increasing the amount that we know by fact memorization, or by increasing the amount of creative thinking we do.


In my 20 years as a corporate lawyer, I prided myself on being able to balance the 2. I felt that both fact memorization and creative thinking were important, and after all, how can one be creative without first knowing the facts and the law. Creative thinking was something to be applied to what had been memorized.


That thinking was recently challenged when I read The Magic Of Thinking Big.


It contends that while memorizing facts is important, it is creative thinking that provides us the ability to overcome hurdles most efficiently. It makes our brains flexible and adaptive. Conversely, fact memorization causes our brains to become rigid.


And obviously, he that overcomes hurdles eventually gets successful.


So, how do we improve our creative thinking?


Allow me to propose 3 simple creative thinking boosters:


Creative thinking booster #1 – Be open to new ideas


Allow yourself to explore opportunities without shutting out the possibility of something fantastic coming out of it.


Creative thinking booster #2 – Try new things


Take the step of doing something you’ve never done before, it may feel strange at first, but that is the exact point, isn’t it?


Creative thinking booster #3 – How can I improve


Is there something about what you do daily that can be improved? Would you rather spend more time at home, and less time at work for example?


The people you spend time with can help or hinder your creative thinking


To successfully improve your creative thinking, be sure that you are spending time with people who support you, and at the same time are prepared to challenge your beliefs and ideas. You could also take the bold step of joining a community that is outside your usual occupation or comfort zone.


Looking back, I did apply those 3 creative thinking boosters, and eventually started an online business. But what helped me successfully make the switch from corporate lawyer to entrepreneur, is the SFM community of entrepreneurs.


With their help, I broke free from my law job of 20 years, and found myself the time and financial freedom to live a better life, for me and my family.


I now actively help others do the same.


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