Why crashing my car is good for my business

Apr 9, 2019

When you hang out with the right people, with the right mindsets, even crashing a car can be good for your business. Learn more.


Last week I wrote about how I was installing a new car stereo in my new car.


Well, guess what I did with that a couple of days later?


In a carpark, I drove it into a pillar.


That’s definitely a painful experience for me.  You know how that first scratch hurts?  This was worse.  And this was my first accident in over 20 years.


I went into this emotional tailspin.  I had always prided myself on being a careful person, and started doubting that, among many other things.


Then I connected with a couple of mentors from our community, and we talked through some of these issues I was facing.


And I came away with a couple of lessons, and I’ll share the 2 biggest lessons here.


Lesson 1 – It’s time to level up


Not having an accident for 20 years means I’ve careful, or maybe I’ve just been getting off easy, but the fact that I had an accident, means that I’m not careful enough.


There’s no need to look for meaning or reasons for the accident.  Just own it, and level up, exercise even more care in future.


Lesson 2 – Approach all things with gratitude


I should have been thankful that no one was injured in the accident, and grateful that no other party was involved.  I chose to see the glass as half full.


Another friend recently had his car broken into, and his laptop stolen.  His attitude towards that was that he was grateful that he didn’t need to worry about the cost of replacing a laptop, and hoped that the person who stole his laptop, who was obviously desperate, would get the value that he needed from it.


These are 2 lessons from highly successful business owners.  And they didn’t get there by accident.  Pardon the pun.


Success leaves clues.  So if you want to be successful, hang out with successful people.


We’re influenced by those around us, their thoughts and habits.


Let me know what you think.



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