Did you know that you get to choose your future?

Oct 13, 2017

Did you know that you get to choose your future? The lives we live now are the product of our choices in the past. If you want a different future, choose it.


I just had lunch with a couple of former colleagues. Lunch was somewhat uncomfortable for me, but it seemed like everyone else was in their element.


I was like a fish out of water, not because I work from home, but because I was happy in my current situation. There was a little competition going on about who had the worst boss, or worked in the most oppressive firm. An odd blend of complaining and machismo.


It struck me that a mere 2 years back, I was exactly like them. Overweight, whining, spoilt, corporate lawyer. I hated it. Life was a drag in so many ways, and yet I continued choosing that life everyday, as if I had NO choice.


But the truth is that you can choose your future


We are the sum total of our choices.


Because that statement is true, it would follow that we get to choose what our future looks like, by making choices today.


I was overweight because I chose to be. I gave myself excuses to be overweight – I told myself it was genetic, it was the nature of being in a desk bound job – but the truth is that I chose to eat that extra burger, and drink that extra soda. The moment I chose to count my calories, and know exactly how many calories I was putting into my body, the truth of my choices sank in. If I chose to put in less calories, I would simply lose weight.


The impact of that choice was that I did lose over 30 pounds of fat in under 2 months.


Choosing the future you want may not be an easy decision


I also chose to become self employed in my home business. It wasn’t an easy decision. In fact, it was a decision that ended up taking me way outside my comfort zone. I had decided that I would start an online business because it had much lower barriers of entry than other businesses. The other big reason was that I didn’t need to go out there and “sell”. I could quite literally sit at my desk and manage traffic, and the companies I represent would have sales teams doing the selling for me.


That meant that I needed to learn everything about business that someone who had never been in a revenue producing job before needs to learn – and that’s A LOT!


Even though the road ahead appeared to be long and arduous, it was a road I chose, it was a choice that I made. A choice to leave a job that I no longer enjoyed. A choice to stop complaining about the work I did.


Thankfully, because I had chosen early in that journey to invest in education, the road turned out to be neither as long or as arduous as I had anticipated.


In fact, a mere six months after signing up for the education, I had fully replaced my lawyers income.


Will you choose your future today?


So, if there’s anything in your life you are less than happy with, you can choose to make a change for the better.  And if you, like I was, are less than happy with your job, I’ll be happy to show you how I got out of mine.


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