I wasn’t always successful: Lessons from the Chinese Bamboo

Sep 19, 2018

Everyone needs to start somewhere. I wasn’t always successful. Once you breakthrough, the sky literally is the limit. Learn more from the Chinese Bamboo.


Earlier this week, I was speaking with one of my brand new students, and he said something that bothered me quite a bit.


He’s a really successful person in his own right, definitely a six-figure earner.  And he told me that he’ll never be as successful in his online business as me because I’m “high profile”.


The truth is that I’ve not always been successful at my online business.  And I did doubt constantly whether I would ever be successful!


You see, when I first started my online business, the people who were successful were typically young, good-looking, and could effortlessly do back flips into clear blue waters!


I was a middle-aged, overweight Asian guy.


So, in my mind, I didn’t have any of the things that the people who are successful had.


And yet, people look at me now, like I was this overnight success online!


That reminded me of the Chinese bamboo…


So, I shot a video about the lessons I got from that.


Click to check out the video


Video: Lessons from the Chinese Bamboo


The Chinese bamboo takes a long time to grow out of the ground – five years before it even emerges!  But from the time it emerges from the ground, it grows to 90 feet within the next five weeks.


No one sees the time that it’s struggling to get above the ground.


If that’s your business, you’ll be watering it, your relatives could be asking you why are you watering a patch of mud because nothing is growing out of it.


But the moment it emerges from the ground it takes only five weeks to grow 90 feet tall.


Now imagine that – someone’s going to look at that and think, “overnight success, I’ve got to get one of these Chinese bamboo plants!”    But the truth is – it took that effort, that time, that nurturing before it came up above the ground.


Thankfully in online businesses, it doesn’t take five years.  In fact within six months of the time I started my online business, I fully replaced my lawyer’s income.  And if a middle-aged pudgy Chinese guy can do that, anyone can, IF…


They put their minds to it, if they nurture it, if they put effort into growing that business, instead of thinking to themselves…


“Of course Tim can grow Chinese bamboo – he’s Chinese!”


All of us have that same chance to succeed online.  It truly is the great equalizer.


So don’t think of yourself as any less than anyone else.  We all have it in us to grow that.  Just don’t put limiting beliefs on yourself, and keep watering your business even though you don’t see it emerging from the ground yet.


I’d love to work with you to show you the exact steps I used an online business to replace my lawyer’s income in 6 months.


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