Believing in yourself – the first key to succeeding BIG

Apr 25, 2017

Believing in yourself releases the focus and determination to overcome any obstacle, and as this writer found, gives you an instant cheer team as well!


Late last week, I was telling you about how not thinking big enough caused my business to stall, a realization that came only after speaking with one of my team members who recommended the Magic Of Thinking Big to me.


Well, I’ve been reading that and have been getting such tremendous value from it.


The first take away that I got was the power of believing in yourself.


Start believing in yourself when you set your goals


When we first start working on our goals, it’s often impossible to see the end of that goal. The analogy I like to use is that of climbing a ladder. When you’re at the bottom rung of that ladder, you won’t be able to see your goal on the other side of that wall, but as long as you keep climbing that ladder, you will get to your goal, assuming your ladder is on the right wall.


In my world, if you’re working towards your own goals, your ladder is on the right wall. If you’re working towards someone else’s goals, that’s probably the wrong wall.


Believing in yourself gives you focus


But what I wanted to say today is this. Even though you can’t see the goal yet, as long as you believe in yourself, you will get to that goal. The moment you believe that you are fully capable to achieving that which you are setting out to do, you will begin to have the focus, and be able to find the solutions to any obstacles in your way. And the more you believe in yourself, the more you focus you will have, and the less likely you will be to give up in the face of obstacles.


In my own experience, when I started my online business after years as a successful corporate lawyer, I didn’t believe in myself. I started it because my wife had such a strong belief in me. Even though she believed in me, which is a great feeling by the way, I couldn’t succeed until I started believing in myself.


Believing in yourself gives you a cheer team


The moment you start believing in yourself, other people start believing in you too.


The McKinsey Foundation for Management Research interviewed business, government, science and religious leaders to see what types of people they preferred to work with. They found that their most desired trait in candidates was the sheer desire to get ahead – a trait that shows how much a person believes in himself or herself.


Believing in yourself, is what leaders associate with success. Believing in yourself is what keeps you motivated regardless of the obstacles. And believing in yourself gives you support from all around.


Won’t you start believing in yourself today?




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