Belief – A Key Success Factor

Mar 26, 2019

Belief determines whether or not you will succeed. Belief causes you to make the right choices and descisions. This was Hopeless-preneur’s success journey.


I’d like to introduce you to someone I know very well…


But let’s start the story here.


There was once an entrepreneur.  Well, at this stage, more a hopeful-preneur, than an entrepreneur.  He hadn’t made had any success at business, hadn’t made any money online…


This hopeful-preneur did all the right things.  Well, almost all the right things.  He worked hard, he hung on the words of his mentors…


He did all of this for a few months, and then he started to doubt.  It started with doubting himself and his own abilities.  Then it went to doubting the products he was selling, doubting his mentors…


The moment doubt set in, he started second guessing himself, started wondering if about his mentors, and then started doing all the wrong things.


After awhile, he convinced himself that business was not for him.  Hopeful-preneur became Hopeless-preneur.  He got distracted by “shiny object syndrome”, chasing the next opportunity, and he came very close to throwing in the towel…


More on him later.


What Hopeless-preneur did wrong…


What was missing in all that Hopeful-preneur was doing, wasn’t something that he should have been doing at all.


It’s just belief.


Belief is a key ingredient of success.


Without belief, all the right things he was doing eventually became the wrong things, because his judgement was clouded.  Worse than doing all the wrong things, he started doing many random things in many different directions.


How do I know Hopeful-preneur and Hopeless-preneur so well?


Because they’re both me.


You see, between February 2016 (when I first signed up for SFM), and April 2016, I was Hopeful-preneur.


I had signed up for this course to learn how to run an online business, and despite working 12-14 hour days, I worked on my business at least a couple of hours every day.  I followed the system, and the instructions my mentors.


By April 2016, I was so certain that I was going to get results fast that I quit my job.


Quitting my job had the effect of making me desperate.  What was in fact good progress, started to seem too slow.  My expectations became increasingly unrealistic.  And soon, my belief went.


Meet Hopeless-preneur.


I started doubting my mentors and even the quality of the education that I was receiving.


I can almost hear some readers saying that I had a great job, and probably some savings, and so what did I need to worry about?  Well, the truth is that the more I earned, the more I spent, and so I did in fact need an income.


But back to doubting.


The moment I started doubting, I stopped believing in myself, I stopped believing my mentors, I stopped following the education exactly as it was designed.


I started looking for other courses to buy, other businesses to get into.


And in fact, the more I doubted, the more I seemed to sink.


Then in June that same year, a couple of my mentors, Jay Kubassek and Justin Woolf, cared enough to call me out on all my negative self-talk.  At the time it wasn’t pleasant.  In fact, I would be understating it by saying that I was furious at them.


After the truth of what they said to me sank in, I began to feel grateful to them.  All of us who have kids know that we take the time and effort to correct our kids because they’re our kids – we don’t do the same for some random stranger.


Once I knew how much they cared, I started to believe in them.  After I started to believe in them, I started to believe in the education they were giving me.  They, and many other mentors worked with me to restore my self-belief.


And within a month, my business started to turn the corner.  Within 2 months of that conversation, in August, 6 months from the date I first signed up, I earned USD30k.


One of my mentors whom I referred to earlier, Justin, interviews me here about that 30k month, and I’m even to shy to say how much I’ve earned!


The difference between having a 30k month, and 2 months before that when I wasn’t achieving any success, was belief.


And so, what I’d like you to take away from this is…


Whether or not you think that we are offering you the business or education that you would like to pursue – whatever you do, you need belief to take you from the point you’re learning something from scratch, to the point that you a have mastered it, and can succeed with it.


The beauty of using a system like the SFM to build your first successful online business, is that you know it works because people like me, and many others who have done this before you have made it work.


You’re also working with a group of mentors who care enough to call you out.


So {{ subscriber.First_Name }}, if any of the mentors or I, have called you out on anything recently, please know that I do it with the best of intentions, and that I’m rooting for your success…

… and have the belief that if I can do this, you can too!  




* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.