Attitude Towards Learning Affects Business Success

Mar 20, 2019

Your attitude towards learning, not how educated you currently are determines how successful you will be at learning to run an online business. Learn more.


One of the questions I get asked a lot, is do you need to be really well educated to run an online business.


In fact, a related comment, which I find completely illogical is this – “of course you did well in an online business, you’re a lawyer…”


The truth is you don’t need to be really well educated to start an online business.  Getting the right education now, and having a great attitude towards learning, are far more important.


What we all need to do, is to stop giving ourselves excuses and to start putting in the hard work.


In fact, among the thousands of students around the world I’ve worked with, the one extra thing the “more educated” ones need to do in order to succeed is to learn to put aside what they know.


I recently worked with a student who kept telling me that my methods were wrong, and he knew better because he was more educated than me.  I had to remind him that he came to me to learn how to run an online business…


I can empathize, because I went through this myself.  


Having been the head of legal departments in some sizable organizations, I believed I knew what a successful business looked like.  While much of my experience was relevant, I had much unlearning to do too.


For example, I was used to having structures and systems in place, much of which isn’t relevant to starting a home business, where the key things are to be able to make the sales, and to automate so you don’t get too involved in the processes.


Another great example is how I would have someone print my emails for me so that I could dictate replies.  I would feel sorry for myself because I had to answer emails for myself, and thought that other people were at an advantage to me…  (so you see how it isn’t an advantage having been a senior lawyer…)


When I first started my online business, with all of these preconceptions in my mind, I made no money for 4 months.  


After being coached out of these misconceptions, and changing my attitude towards learning, I replaced my lawyer’s income in the next 2 months.  


In those 2 months, I worked with my coaches and lost over 30 pounds of fat as well.


One of my coaches attributes this to my ability to “receive leadership”, and he says so in this video.


When we’ve achieved a lot in our jobs, it’s difficult to acknowledge that someone knows better than us.  When it came to running legal departments, I knew a lot.  But I wasn’t in a home business to run legal departments!


I recently read an article about a Singaporean guy, Sean Seah, who does a workout for 30 days, and got amazing results.  The article shares the exact things he did.


Read about Sean Seah’s amazing journey here.


When I read it, I looked at all that he did, and I’m not surprised he got the results that he did.  If I was prepared to do those things, I would get those results too. 


Thankfully, starting a successful online business is no where near as demanding as the things that Sean did.


Some readers, questioned him – “what about your diet?” – which reminded me of one of the dieting sayings about, “what goes in is more important than what comes out”.


And that’s very likely from a reader who was somewhat educated in that area, and who needed an excuse not to do the work…


What can we learn from Sean…
1.    Have a plan and stick to it
2.    Work on your plan consistently, preferably every day
3.    Start where you can, don’t set crazy goals you can’t fulfill
4.    Don’t give yourself excuses or reasons not to do the work
5.    Focus on your goals, and ignore the naysayers
6.    Anyone can get the results that he got, as long as they put in the work he put in.


And mostly, if you want to achieve what he achieved, have a great attitude towards learning from his experience, and do what he did!


The point of all of this is to tell you that everyone, more educated, less educated, more wealthy, less wealthy faces challenges when starting something new.


Everyone’s challenges are different, so don’t look at someone else and assume that they have it easier than you do.  That’s just giving yourself an excuse not to do the hard work you need to do, to get the results you want to get.


If you want to start a home business Tim, the business system that SFM has put in place produces repeatable results.  I’ll even show you the exact steps I took using the system.  


You need to have a great attitude towards learning, put in the work, and not give yourself reasons not to succeed.




* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.