Is a reason a lesson or a justification to you?

May 18, 2017

When we face a setback do we look at the reasons as a lesson or a justification. Learning those lessons will lead to success.


2 ways of looking at a reason for a setback


There are 2 ways anyone can react to a setback in life.


They are remarkably similar.


The first step is the same. Everyone identifies the reason the failure happened.


The difference comes in whether the reason is looked at as a lesson or a justification. Successful people will look at the reason and try to find the lesson in it. Non-successful people will look at the reason and justify why they didn’t succeed.


The reality of learning online marketing


That’s so true when it comes to the online marketing business. Online marketers identify products and markets that suit each other, and when there’s a match they can make fortunes just on that one market. In my case, I focus on and mentor people in selling high ticket products, meaning products that pay commissions of over $1000 per sale.


Finding the markets that match the products requires you to test. Testing markets are something that can be done quickly and cheaply in this day and age. You can literally be in and out of a market in a single day, without spending too much money.


I treat each market I test as a lesson. Whether or not that market is a match for my products, I look for the reasons. Then I look at that reason and take the lesson from that by understanding what each market likes and after awhile my marketing becomes effortless.


How mindset is the most important factor in your success


After working with hundreds of students of this business, I noticed that all students will look at reason as either a lesson or a justification. And it is invariably true that those who didn’t succeed looked at each test as a justification for giving up.


Looking at reasons as a lesson or a justification puts you either closer or further from your goal. Those who looked at reasons as a lesson were always closer to their goals with each unsuccessful market tested, while those who looked at reasons as justifications were always further from their goals and closer to the justified moment of quitting after each unsuccessful market test.


While this certainly is not a get rich quick scheme, as far as businesses go, this business is relatively low cost. You don’t need to have your own products, or even to hold stock of other peoples’ products. You don’t need a physical location, and when you test markets, do so without burning through piles of cash. In fact, even the blueprint for success is given in the form of a 90-day Blueprint Challenge to get your business off the ground.


The reward for succeeding is having your own business with the time and financial freedom of having a business which you can take anywhere with an internet connection.


I came into this business after 20 years as a corporate lawyer. I studied the techniques and tested markets for 6 months, and on my 6th month, I fully replaced my lawyer’s income.


This actually is a really simple business. What it takes is someone prepared to take action, try new things, and learn.


So how do you look at reasons? As a lesson or a justification? I’m hoping it’s as a lesson.


If that’s the case, I’d love to work with you to help you build your dream business.



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