Do things happen To you or For you? That perspective will change your life

Oct 17, 2017

Whether you see something happening To you or For you, will determine your actions. Your actions will determine your future. Correct this perspective today.


Do things happen To you or For you? That little perspective change could mean success or failure. Growing from challenges or giving up.


It is often said that we can’t control things happening around us, we can only control how we react to it. If we take the perspective that things happen to us, we are likely to complain about it, feel sorry for ourselves, and then just give up.


On the other hand, if we see things as happening for us, then everything that happens, no matter how good or bad is an opportunity to learn.


If we take this concept beyond the realm of mindset, where we determine our perspectives – what we see is something pretty amazing. If everything happens for us rather than to us, then life is a great continuum of events that collaborate for our good.


I’ve seen this happen in my life on numerous occasions.


For instance, if I’m being completely honest, I did enjoy most of my 20 years of being a lawyer. There were however, circumstances in my last couple of years of being a lawyer that made me question my life’s choices and if there could be more to life.


I started wondering why I was facing a career crisis when I had been happy with my work for so many years. I could have taken that crisis as something happening to me or something happening for me.


That crisis was what took me down the road of starting my own online business. A business that allows me to spend time at home, and doing things that are truly important to me, in a way that my legal career could never do.


If my belief at that point had been that I had nurtured my legal career for 20 years and that career crisis was something that was happening to me, I would have ended up a bitter and resentful person, just stuck in a bad situation, not of my making.


Choosing to embrace the idea that it happened for me, gave me the strength, courage and conviction, that if I started this online business, it would mean a better future for me and my family.


My hope for you is that you start see that whatever circumstance you are now facing, it has happened for you and not to you. It is a platform that will change your life for the better – all you need to do is to choose to.


And if you’re at a point where you think a work from home business could change your life, I’d be more than happy to show you the path I took to greater fulfilment.




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