Discover Your Why With DEA Platinum

Dec 8, 2016

DEA Platinum Brand Incubator helps you discover your ‘why’ so that your business becomes effortless


I’m coming to you from Brisbane Australia, where I’m still in the thick of the Digital Experts Academy or DEA Platinum Brand Incubator.


As I said in my previous blog post, one of the key outcomes of the Brand Incubator is that your brand and your business become fully aligned and in integrity with the person you are, your goals, your values, and your drive.


This then makes attaining time and financial freedom effortless.


To make this alignment happen, you need to know your ‘why’.


So, one of the key events at the Brand Incubator is the ‘why discovery’ process.


Knowing their ‘why’ is what has set companies like Apple apart from every other computer company, and allows Apple to go from selling computers, to music players and phones, completely seamlessly.


Watch this video of the ‘why discovery’ man himself, Simon Sinek, talking about how he discovered the power of ‘why’.


At DEA Platinum, we’re very blessed to have our ‘why discovery’ is conducted by one of Simon’s early partners in the ‘why discovery process.


Click here to watch the video.


DEA Platinum Workshop Video


Sit back and enjoy the video, it could change your life.

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