SFM Live In Las Vegas 2016

Nov 8, 2016

SFM live events bring the business closer to you in a way that few other online businesses do. Webinar training is essential for quick learning, but nothing quite takes the place of SFM live events. Take a look at one of the presentations at Momentum Day, in Las Vegas, in September 2016.


I get quite a number of questions on what happens at SFM live events, so I thought I’d share a video of the recent Momentum Day, a SFM live event for all affiliates, in September this year.  The next will be in December this year in Brisbane.


This session was about an hour long, and Stuart covers alot of ground.


Here’s a quick summary.


In just over 10 years, 50% of jobs will be gone…


People currently positioned in SFM already are able to help all of these people who will then be struggling. Then he speaks a little about the potential market size that this business we’re in can grow to, and that we are just in the infancy. (As an aside Bill Gates said that this will be the first Trillion Dollar Industry)


We need to re-skill…


Stu touches on how the SFM helps people to re-skill to take advantage of this trend, and how people from all walks of life have successfully re-skilled and become successful internet marketers. He spoke in particular about an accountant and project manager, whom some here may have already met.


His point was that anyone can do it, and that it’s nothing to be afraid of since re-skilling in this day and age doesn’t mean having to go back to school and living like a student.  Hey, I certainly wouldn’t have given up my lawyer’s lifestyle if I had to go back to school!!


He went into some detail on the DEA products…


– Silver: designed to quickly create cashflow in your spare time, thereby creating a ‘second income’, by freelancing online with your existing skills or doing something like importing from China and exporting to the rest of the world with Amazon.
– Gold: teaches the foundational skills that helped grow their business into 7 figures in 4 years
– Platinum: builds your brand around your purpose, passion and mission, so that you run your business with complete peace of mind being in line with your purpose
– Black: top level coaching, mentorship, and entrepreneurial community.


And then attraction marketing…


…and how we can effortlessly market to people like us, and the need to have integrity and to believe in what we sell. For those of you who don’t know, SFM is legitimate online education, but there are loads of ‘get rich quick’ schemes and scams disguised as online education products these days.


Finally, he concludes with certain mindset changes…


…that will help us see and attain bigger goals than we ever thought possible.


Click to watch the video:

Stuart Ross SFM Live Las Vegas


If you’re not yet a member, and you’d like to join us is Brisbane, click here for your FREE application.  If you are already a member, see you at SFM live in Brisbane in December, I’m definitely there!

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