Have Your Cake & Eat It – How to achieve Financial and Time Freedom

Sep 13, 2016

When considering your goal – do you feel like to can’t have both financial and time freedom? Well, today I’ll show you how I have found that, and gone on to show others just like you, exactly how I’ve managed to attain both financial and time freedom.


Would you like to have it both ways?


Have your cake AND eat it?


Many of us grew up thinking that trading our time for money was the right thing to do… Thankfully, that age has passed.


Growing up, most people in our generation have been taught that you work to get your life ‘secure’ – whatever that means.  For many it means job security.  “Study hard and go to university” – was the battle cry of many mums, even now.


In other words – you can’t have your cake and eat it.  You can’t have security and freedom – you choose one.


And so, many of us grew up learning that trading our time for money was the right thing to do.  Our time represents the freedom that we have to do the things that are important to us.  To spend time with our families, or to pursue our passions.  Once you trade that for money – it’s gone – you never get it back.


Thankfully, that age has passed.  The internet has brought with it opportunities for ordinary people like you and me, to stop trading our time for money and we can now have the best of both worlds.  Financial and time freedom.


And if I may, I have even greater financial security than I’ve ever had, now that I’ve learnt to write my own paycheck.


Now this is something I never knew was even possible before I embarked on this great adventure.


I have achieved time and financial freedom… And now… I’m teaching many others how this is done


I honestly believed I had no choice but to trade my time for money.  No matter how much had hated what I had to do, it had to be done.  Working month to month, for that paycheck was something that responsible men did.


It had become a pattern.  It was comfortable.  Not satisfying, but comfortable.  Even though I felt trapped at many levels, I had become a willing prisoner.


And then, one day, a pattern interrupt happened.  I saw an SFM advert, and signed up.  This opened my eyes to a whole other world of possibilities.  I had always heard the adage, ‘don’t work for money, let money work for you’, but never quite knew where to begin.


Many investments would return you several percent over a year, and if you’re really lucky, you may get 10-30% on your portfolio.


But in order to replace my lawyer’s income on 30% returns a year, meant huge initial investments.


Learning these new skills, I have achieved time and financial freedom, the way traditional investments would never have allowed me to.  Yes that sounds too good to be true, but this is a business, not a financial instrument or get rich quick scheme.  You’ll need to put in the work, and investment. But it will all be worth it once it’s up and running.


And now, having learnt how to do this, I’m teaching many others how this is done.  I want to maintain my lifestyle of financial and time freedom and so will only take on a limited number of students.  And so, if you would like me to personally coach you, sign up as early as possible.


Achieving financial and time freedom is simpler than it sounds.  If you are willing to put in the effort.


I’ve known nothing but legal work for 20 years.  So if I can do it.  I’m pretty sure you can too.


In fact, the team I’ve been working with at the Six Figure Mentors are allowing you to try out the exact same system that helped me achieve financial and time freedom – FREE for 30 days.


See you on the other side!


the former attorney

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