How NOT to make your first million

Jun 13, 2017

Stuart recently shot a video and starts talking about how not to make your first million…


Lots of people have big dreams.  Dreams of making more money and becoming millionaires.  And they all have different reasons for wanting to do it.  One of the reasons I’m proud to be associated with the SFM is their philosophy towards money.  That money is a good servant and very poor master.  SFM promotes a culture of giving back, and has successful affiliates doing this around the world.


Sadly, the online world is full of people promoting wealth for wealth’s sake and that making money the easy way.  They tell you that it’s easy, but the reality is that not that many people ever reach their first million.


And yet, that goal isn’t as lofty as it sounds if you do it right.


Making your first million isn’t about any of these things that we hear so much of:


Just do the work, HUSTLE…” – a lot of people that work very hard day in day out and are not millionaires and probably never will be…


Visualize it and it will happen!” – honestly, you’re not going to make a million dollars just dreaming about getting rich…


Follow your passion and you will get there” – There’s a reason why passion projects are called passion projects, they’re not going to make you money!


In this video, Stuart talks about what it takes to actually make your first million – duplication.



First, break free from the mindset that you need to trade your time for money.


You see, with this business system that SFM teaches, you launch marketing campaigns to market other people’s products. And you optimize your profits by shutting down the campaigns that do not work, and putting your money into campaigns that do work.


As you multiply your winning campaigns you multiply your profits.


I was a very successful corporate lawyer, but I was trading my time for money, and sadly could multiply neither my time nor myself.


But I can multiply my campaigns…


Check out the video and let me know what you think!


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