Exposed… The Whole Truth About Online Businesses

Jul 18, 2017

The whole truth about online businesses is that it is a lot less glamorous than many would have you believe. You’re not going to get your fancy car or helicopter from a few mouse clicks.  Honestly.


One of the huge benefits of running a global online education business, is that I get to interface with people from all walks of life, looking to find build a more meaningful life, by embracing opportunities that were not available till now.


It would be a huge understatement to say that having worked with hundreds of students over the last year has enriched my life greatly.


Advertising not portraying the whole truth about online businesses


I can understand how it can be a leap to say that online education and online marketing can give you a more meaningful life, and I honestly loathe the people that portray this as a “get rich quick” scheme, driving around in their fancy cars…, flying around in their private jets…


It’s largely thanks to advertising like that, that a large majority of the people that I have worked with, thought they had an idea of what online marketing was. Many times they started out by asking if this was a scam. I’m glad they had a courage to ask because that gives me the opportunity to explain the whole truth about online businesses.


The elephant illustrates the whole truth about online businesses


And this reminded me of a story about the elephant and the blind men.


If you’ve not heard it, it goes like this. Six blind men were having tea, discussing what each of them thought an elephant looked like. They all knew that an elephant looked vastly different from any other animal, but none of them had ever seen one before.


And so they set off to the nearest zoo and found an elephant.


The first blind man put his hand on the elephant side, and said “an elephant is just like a wall!”.


The second touched the elephant’s tusks, and exclaimed, “It’s smooth, round and sharp like a spear!”


As the third man reached out the elephant moved its trunk and in horror he exclaimed, “It’s no different from a snake!!”


The fourth blind man, being shorter than the first 3, happened to touch the elephants leg and concluded that the rest we talking utter rubbish as an elephant is basically a type of tree.


You get the idea. Most students have never been in an online business, but all have seen aspects of it. So it wouldn’t be realistic to expect them to know the whole truth about online businesses.


The whole truth about online businesses


Well the truth is, yes, there are online businesses that promise you a flashy car for a couple of mouse clicks, and yes, it is true that there are online businesses that just show you the theory of what you can do without actually helping you do it, and of course some online businesses leave you completely unsupported.


All those are perspectives of what an online business could end up being for you, and there are indeed many who run online businesses that way, giving the whole industry a bad reputation.


When I decided I wanted out of my 20 year legal career to create an online business, I had many perspectives which were similar to those.


However, I’m glad to say that I found an online business that helped me replace my income within 6 short months, and it did that doing none of those things.


The whole truth about online businesses


What a good online business should give you


Let’s look at all those “perspectives” one by one.  First, you are not going to get a flashy car for a few mouse clicks. You will need to do the work, and set up your business. We will show you how to, but your results are entirely your own.


We will not just show you the theory, we are all online business owners, in the trenches with you, showing you the business systems that we used.


And finally, many of our students are just literally blown away by the amount of support that they get when they start working with us. For one, you will be assigned a personal consultant from the get go, and when your application to become a full-fledged member is accepted, you will get to meet with me in our team meetings twice a week, and the numerous opportunities to meet up in person!


It is in these team meetings where we share the highs and the lows, ins and outs, of a business which you can literally do anywhere you have an internet connection.


In other words, we will give you the whole truth about online businesses, and how you can build a successful one if you follow the exact blueprint.


So, if you’re ready to see what all of this could ACTUALLY do for you, then click here to submit your application, or click here to find out more about your mentor.



* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.



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