Why things are cheaper online – learn this simple business strategy

Sep 26, 2017

Online businesses benefit from savings in rent, business automation, and recurring and escalating revenue opportunities. Learn to take advantage of these for your business.


I get a lot of people asking me why we charge for the education we provide since a lot is available for free on the internet – well the short answer is that we provide a quality education and are confident that you will get a lot more value than you paid for it.


Now, just yesterday, I was told that the education provided can’t be very good because it is too cheap! He asked how we can provide great education at a fraction of what people pay in a school in the real world, and hope to compete with the quality.


Many online business models that disrupt traditional business models do so by saving on real world costs, such as rent.


For example, I run not one, but now several online businesses from home. I have a team that operates around the world from home. It’s the same with ordering your groceries or clothing online – they pay for cheap storage space instead of expensive retail space. We can all do it cheaper because we save on many things including rent.


In our case, we also focus on automated and repeatable businesses.


I’ll use my own business as an example again, in education space, you can teach something once, and that same lesson can be played back hundreds or thousands of times. That’s beneficial to the person conducting the training and the person receiving the training, because automation also allows the trainee to listen to the lesson as many times as he needs, and at his convenience.


Another example of repeatable businesses are things that you can sell once and earn recurring revenues, and revenues that increase.


A really good example is hosted accounting software that allows me to sell a low ticket item just once, and then earn monthly revenue, and as more modules are needed, I earn increasing revenues from that single sale.


To think that not so long ago, I knew nothing about online marketing, and didn’t even know how to sell anything on eBay!


That should put to rest any doubt that you have that the education that I got from the Six Figure Mentors is a world class one. I replaced my lawyer’s salary within 6 months of signing up for the training, and it took me years of law school and another 20 years of working as a lawyer to get to that point.


Of course I’m not guaranteeing that everyone can get those results – I make this point solely to attest to the quality of the education, and that you can indeed get a quality education for a low price.


So, if you’ve ever wanted to start an online business, the first step is to get educated.  Start today.



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