You are not ‘worthless’ – How To Control Our Emotions

Feb 7, 2017

One of the keys to control our emotions is the realization that emotions are not facts


After working with numerous students from all around the world, one of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to face with students is that many of them feel ‘worthless’ and unable to succeed at an internet business.


Truth be told, I felt that same way, but more about that later.


Why we are conditioned to not control our emotions


Many of us are conditioned by the Freudian school of psychotherapy that if a patient admits to deep faults, they are probably correct. Thus, if one admitted, they were ‘worthless’, that would be the starting point of recovery. Following from that, feelings of ‘worthlessness’ and the ability to admit it would be seen as strength.


This could not be further from the truth. In fact, this has now been rebuffed by many other therapists, and yet this view has prevailed for so many years that it has become embedded in our subconscious.


What we feel about ourselves is often not fact based. I have, in the past month, worked with several people who have been very successful in the past, and yet, feel that they are generally ‘worthless’ and thus unable to succeed at an internet business. Many others would give their proverbial right arms to have some of the success that these who feel worthless! But because of the heritage of Freudian teaching (among other things), we have learnt to believe these ‘lies’ about ourselves.


A simple realization to control our emotions


People are not static objects that can be judged ‘worthy’ or ‘worthless’. Every person is growing, and thus not easily judged in such a binary, black or white way. While some aspects of our behavior may not be good, a judgment on that behavior should not become a judgment of the person.


Coming to the realization that how we feel about ourselves is not based on fact, is eye opening. Once we can do this, we can control our emotions, and I have personally seen the growth that can happen once a person stops believing that they are worthless.


My own journey was similar. As a lawyer who never sold anything before in my life, I stumbled across the Six Figure Mentors as a way to learn how to sell some of my guitar collection. I soon started to believe in the business, but none of my skills were relevant to running an internet business. In relation to that, I felt ‘worthless’. For me, my faith tells me for a fact that I am not worthless, I had a foothold to know that how I felt was not based on fact.


The lesson here is this – as soon as we can come to that realization – that feelings are just that – they are feelings that have no factual basis, and any feelings that we are worthless need to be properly verified against all our past achievements, we can control our emotions, and we can grow.


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