Succeed by being Simple & Authentic

May 21, 2019

Keeping your marketing simple and authentic will allow you to out perform 85% of corporate marketers. Learn the key of micro influence.


We’re in Tokyo and we’re on a mission.


We listed 56 restaurants to try and we’re only here for 7 days, so that’s 21 meals.  Not healthy.  Probably won’t complete the mission.


Anyway, on the way back to our hotel for a quick pre-dinner recharge this evening, we came across a team from “Shibuya Cross FM”, broadcasting from a first floor office “window display”…


Interestingly, alot of radio DJs in Singapore, came from the schools I attended as a kid.  


At school alumni gatherings, an insult that gets thrown at the “celebrity” DJs alot is, “well we always knew he had a face made for radio” 😉


But these days, it seems even radio DJs can’t have a “face made for radio”!  


I do not mean they need to be good looking (in fact, that might be a disadvantage, read on…)


Marketing in this day and age is all about authenticity.


In fact, a recent study found that, micro influencers, bloggers like me, have 85% more influence over buying decisions than corporate advertisers.


And that’s the very reason why I could replace my lawyer’s income in 6 months of starting.  Because micro influencers create that much influence.


As they say, a rising tide, lifts all boats.  


I’m not special in any way.  Anyone can do this.  And that’s exactly what makes micro influencers so powerful.


If I were a Trump, Rockefeller, Kennedy, I wouldn’t be relatable.  


Ordinary people like you and me are incredibly relatable. 


Micro influencers, need to be the ordinary man in the street.  


If done right, we need to say it as it is.


In other words, we’re real people, sharing things that really worked for us.  


Typically, we’re in the business of recommending what works, and keeping silent on what doesn’t, because we don’t do damage to other business owners.


(There’s a online marketing program that teaches people to badmouth other business owners that are doing well, but I don’t believe in the model, and so I won’t be naming names here…)


And the big boys, like radio stations are starting to find that they need to adopt an approach where they are seen as relatable too.


A whole world of opportunity has emerged for the micro influencers.  


Most apparent in my mind, is affiliate marketing, recommending things that work to others, and earning a commission from that.


And affiliate marketing is the exact business model that I used, to replace my lawyer’s income.


What if you’re starting, and  you really don’t want to be visible yet?


We’ll, I started this around my day job, and when I first started, I ran advertising created by the companies that I was promoting.


This is a great first step, because you learn to drive traffic, and cut out the variables of whether or not your marketing message is working.


Once you’re ready to break out of that, you can start creating your own brand, so that marketing becomes easier.


Some affiliates never create their own brands and earn really good livings, just by driving traffic. 


What they’ve learnt to do, is to write relatable copy, to their avatars or target markets, and if you’re already a student, that’s in Module 4 and 5 of your training.


So if you want to start an online business, but don’t want to be visible, you can still be an affiliate marketer, or you can learn the many other courses that we have, such as e-commerce, drop shipping, product arbitrage, that doesn’t require you to create influence.


That said, whatever you decide to do, should be based on your goals and purpose, and not your fears, but that’s another topic for another day, and when you do start working with us, that’s a process we’ll take you through.


In the meantime, I’m here in Tokyo, kick starting yet another dream business, around food this time, and using the micro influencer model 🙂




* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.