My Top 10 Tips To Get TRUST – Know, Like, Trust

Aug 2, 2016

In our continuing series on Affiliate Marketing, we look further into the factors that cause people to Know, Like, Trust you

In the last few blogs on building your tribe, we spoke about getting your tribe to “know, like, trust” you. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve looked at how to get people to Know you, and to Like you.

As we’ve said, “know, like, trust” is something sales people have known for years. But to those of us new to sales, particularly online sales, this can be something of a revelation.

Continuing this week on “know, like, trust”, we look at how to get people to Trust you.

10 immediate steps to make people TRUST you online

We’ve always spoke about leading with content. That’s incredibly important for establishing your authority, ie, getting known, and getting liked. But as an Affiliate Marketer, your goal is not to just give away great content, it’s to sell the products that you’re an Affiliate of. Now, people don’t buy products. People buy because they know, like, trust you. That’s right TRUST you.

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Here are my top ten tips to gain trust online …

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Give away the best you have: Okay, not all of it. But the web has so much free content that in order to make any sort of impact, you’re going to need some stand out stuff to leave an impression. So, hold back something to sell, but not too much.

Be consistent: Nothing breaks trust and credibility as quickly as broken promises. If you’ve told your tribe that you’ll blog twice a week, blog twice a week. If you say you’ll send an update, send an update.

Control quality: This is another aspect of consistency that will quickly gain you trust and credibility with your tribe. Related to the last 2 points, if you’re consistent in timing, and deliver consistently good content, your tribe will know where they can go to get the goods. And so, when it comes to the abundant choices they have on the internet, they’ll come to you first.

Social Proof: This time it’s not just about the numbers. Other people saying great things about you, goes a lot further than you saying great things about yourself. If they can articulate certain details about how you’ve helped them, so much the better!

Stories: Related to Social Proof, and going beyond giving details, there’s been a trend towards better conversions when a story is told, especially if it talks about your product or service and how it’s helped them.

Develop Your Own Ideas (or at least put some old ones together): And Never Plagiarize! This should go without saying but it actually happens, and fairly often! I’ve seen my own blogs pop up word for word somewhere else! But remember that copyright goes to form and not content – ideas don’t have any copyright in them, so if you like this article, you can use the idea and write your own, but you can’t reproduce it in full. Having said that, recycled ideas seldom get good traffic, so if you want to be a true authority, develop some killer ideas or synthesize existing ideas into new content.

Keep It Simple: Avoid jargon. Hiding behind jargon and bombastic language is usually a sign that a person doesn’t know what they are talking about. And it’s easy to see through.

Don’t fudge it: Carrying on from the last point – if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Just admit it. That will build trust. Fudging it will just drive people away. And if an apology is in order – there’s no greater trust breaker than trying to cover up. Just apologize and move on. You’ll get far more respect and trust than trying to fudge it.

Even Lovers Need A Holiday…: Or so goes the old Chicago song… Don’t be a pest! You know that salesman that just doesn’t know when to move on? That’s the same salesman that just won’t make a sale! As we always say, lead with value. If you lead with value, you’ll soon be seen as a trusted authority. And you will have your tribe and your tribe will be loyal, as they were built organically. Underhanded, pushy tribe building don’t work.

Show You’re Sure: How? Guarantee your offering. Or give a limited trial. This simple risk sharing method shows you’re sure of your offering. This one shouldn’t be a problem at all, after all,
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