Define Your Avatar In 5 Simple Steps

Aug 9, 2016

Do you know your Avatar? One of the crucial steps in effective marketing is knowing your Avatar. Discover the process of defining it right here.


It is often said, “if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one”. The point here is that if you haven’t clearly defined your target market, or your Avatar, then your marketing spend is going to waste. The easiest way to define your target market, especially online and for beginner marketers, is to define your Avatar, and to make your Avatar exactly like you.

Here, I reveal my 5 steps to defining your Avatar that I learnt from the SFM, that I’ve been sharing with my students.  Applying these simple 5 steps to your online marketing can revolutionise your life by allowing you to earn that significant side income that you’ve been dreaming of.

My 5 Step Formula To Defining Your Avatar


Step 1 – Who are you?

Are you a disgruntled employee, looking for more time to do the things that you love? Are you a parent, struggling with 2 jobs, housework, getting the kids’ fed, and their homework done? And you’re still living month to month?

This is your target market.


Step 2 – What’s their problem?

Once you’ve defined “who” your target market is, you need to understand what their big challenges are. What keeps them up at night? Is it not making ends meet? Or perhaps not having time to spend with their kids during the critical growing up years?


Step 3 – What’s your solution?

Now, if you’ve got the solution to help them achieve what they want, and can’t achieve on their own – you’ve got a business! Even if they can achieve it on their own, but you help them to get there faster than they could on their own, most people would be prepared to pay for that!


Step 4 – Where do they hang out?

Now that you’ve defined who your market is, their problem, and your solution, you need to tell them about it. To do that, first you’ve got to find them. This is just as applicable online. Because your avatar is based on you, you can ask yourself, where do you hang out online? Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube perhaps? Or are there certain forums that disgruntled working parents who wished to see their kids more hang out? These are all ideal places to get your message out.


Step 5 – Speak to your Avatar

You’ve now got a really good picture of your ideal market. By now, you should feel that you know your Avatar better than you know yourself! So, if you’ve got questions about defining your market better, you can have a chat with your Avatar! Yes, that’s right, if there’s anything that your uncertain about in your market, you can see if that would be useful to your avatar. Eg, is that a problem that keeps your Avatar up at night, and if so, how will your solution help.


The Power Of Your Avatar Define Your Avatar

Having a clearly defined Avatar, allowed Marie Santos, a SFM student to retire her husband who hated his job.  Her avatar was so clearly defined as a stay at home mum, and all the challenges they faced.  She significantly boosted her household income, and her husband even managed to quit his job within the year!  Like most of us here in this fantastic community, she had no knowledge of online businesses before she started!


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