Build Your Tribe – Learn How Here

Jul 5, 2016

One of the wonderful things about Affiliate Marketing is that you do not need to sell to your friends and family, but you can’t market to everyone, so build your tribe.

In last week’s blog, we spoke about Affiliate Marketing, and how it could be suitable for you.  This week, I’d like to describe the first step in affiliate marketing. Building your list of followers, or how to build your tribe.

If you recall, I said that one of the biggest differences between Affiliate Marketing and MLM, is that with Affiliate Marketing, you do not need to sell to your friends and family. But how to you market to the whole internet?

Well, you need to build your tribe of followers, and market to them. You may have heard this saying “if you market to everyone, you market to no one”. Those words are absolutely true. So the secret to marketing successfully on the internet, is to market to people who are similar to you. These are the people who have opted onto your list, and continue to read your mail posts, and blog posts. These are people who know, like and trust you, and who will buy your recommendations.

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There are a few ways to build your tribe. And it really depends on what your personal needs are.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click, or PPC, refers to running advertisements on websites. This is a great way to build your tribe anonymously. You pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement, and not when someone merely has a look. Once they’ve clicked, they will have the option to give you their email address. Once they’ve done so, they are part of your tribe.

PPC is a great way to build your tribe anonymously, it is extremely useful if you’ve still got a day job, and can’t hold yourself out as an authority.


On the other end of the scale of building your tribe, are tribes built through content. These tribes are formed because they like someone’s content, or may be impressed with that writer. This method of building your tribe is free, and is more typically used by people without marketing budgets, as it does not involve having to run advertisements.

Between these extremes of building your tribe there are a myriad of possibilities. For example, certain forms of Facebook marketing may require you to have a profile of page. Also, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on platforms such as Google, or Bing , while traditionally seen as PPC, could involve you sending people to your own webpage, instead of to a page where they are asked for their email.

The next step is to engage your tribe. You always engage them by providing value, and only promoting what you have personally used and love. More about that next time.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about your tribe, please search for the email “[Video 4] List Building For Profit” that Stuart Ross and I (Tim Low) sent to you, and re-watch the List Building For Profits video, and read the downloadable report.

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