Build Your Future With This Low Risk Business Model

Sep 29, 2017

Risk and reward do not always go hand in hand. Experts look for asymmetric risk and returns. Learn more with this proven low risk business model.


I’m sure you must have heard people say that in order to get big returns you need to take big risks. Well that is one of the myths that got destroyed once I learnt the ins and outs of running an online business with this low risk business model.


Richard Branson, who founded Virgin said…

“Superficially, I think it looks like entrepreneurs have a high tolerance for risk. But one of the most important phrases in my life is ‘protect the downside.'”


In 1984, when Richard Branson launched Virgin Airways to take on incumbent British Airways, it might have seemed like an extraordinarily large risk. The thing is that he knew 2 things that would in reality make that a low risk business.


First, that as a master marketer, he could “out market” British Airways, and second, he had a money back guarantee on the first 5 planes he bought! That way, if he overestimated his marketing ability and lost, he could get didn’t lose a thing, and if he was right, he would have won big.


Busting the risk-return myth with a low risk business model


The business and investment world like to convince us that if you want financial freedom, you need to risk your freedom to get it. Ask any successful Wall Street insider, and they’ll tell you that they look for “asymmetric risk/reward” – what you get with a low risk business model.


I spent 20 years working as a corporate lawyer focused on mergers, acquisitions and investments, and a large part of my job was to manage or transfer the risk of making money.


By the time I left that job, I was in top management, and if risk could not be managed or transferred, we wouldn’t do a deal. Simple as that – you NEVER “ransom the family home” for ANYTHING – no matter what the up side potential was.


I should have brought the low risk business ideology home


While I was good at that professionally, in my personal investments I did get burnt by a couple of opportunities when the markets came tumbling down in 2001, 2008. I was spared 2015 because I was too afraid to invest any further. So I sat on the sidelines as I watched my savings get depleted by depreciation, something I accepted as it was the lesser evil.


Learning and mastering a simple low risk business model


So it was, until in early 2016, when I started trying out online marketing. First I noticed that you didn’t need to put in much “risk capital”, and whatever risk capital you put in – in the form of marketing expenses, quickly returned to you. Perhaps this was the low risk business model I was looking for.  This risk managed alternative investment, allowed me to fully replace my income in 6 months and continue to earn a high passive income on an ongoing basis.


That said, this isn’t something that is guaranteed or that you can pay a broker to do. I got educated, and now work with hundreds of people around the world on win-win arrangements that allow us all to benefit from this risk/reward asymmetry.


If that low risk business model I used interests you, submit your application here.



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