Why haven’t you started a home business yet?

Aug 29, 2017

In this day and age a home business can be highly automated and profitable, giving you the freedom to do the things that are truly important to you.


Home businesses these days doesn’t involve making jams, cold calling or envelope stuffing.  It doesn’t need to be MLM or network marketing.


A home business can have a global reach.  A home business can involve technology but technology that anyone can use, because technology has matured to a point where it’s so usable if someone show you how.


But you’re still on the fence.  You haven’t started your home business, because there’s something that’s holding you back.


There’s lots of reasons, but these are the ones I hear all the time…


I’m not tech savvy…


I’m too old to learn this, it’s for young people…


I’m not smart enough…


I don’t write well enough…


I’m not good looking enough… (??)


All of these statements are beliefs that we have about ourselves that prevent us from starting our home businesses, and taking the step towards living our best lives.


You need to ask yourself this – which one of those is really true?


From working with hundreds of students I can tell you that almost none of those beliefs are true.  What’s more surprising than that, is that if you tell a person it’s not true, many people hold on to those beliefs so tightly, that they’ll fight to get you to agree with them that they aren’t clever or good looking or whatever their false belief is!!


And even if they were true many of them either don’t matter when it comes to running a home business, or they can be easily overcome with the coaching provided.


Let’s take not being tech savvy, being too old to do this, or not being smart enough…  you will get trained on where to click to set your system up – your limiting beliefs don’t even matter in this case!


How about not writing well enough of not being good looking enough…  The truth is, in the online world, you really just need to be yourself – if you don’t write well, your article will resonate with a person who really doesn’t write well, and you’ll be an inspiration to them!  You just need to be yourself for your home business to flourish!


I’m no stranger to this – when I first started, I thought to myself…


…I’m too old and too overweight to do this, and as a senior lawyer, I even used to have people type my emails for me…


I had all these “great” reasons to give up! It was beliefs I placed on myself – I was looking for an excuse not to succeed.


Thank God I didn’t give up – as I now run a successful online home business, and show many people all around the world, how they too can run a successful home business.


So, if you have a desire to start a home based business, ask yourself what’s holding you back – we’d love to help you get your start.


And it really is less complicated than making jam…



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