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”  Working with Tim has been phenomenal for me as a person that’s coming in from a totally different industry – coming in to learn something new.

Why is it different, it’s simply different because, I actually find that Tim is available, and he’s informative, with regards to all the issues that I’ve… I wouldn’t say that there are many issues, but I’ve had my challenges, and had some issues that needed responses.

And if I’m not getting it on the weekly call that Tim has organized, his webinars, he has webinars every week where people are in a safe environment to ask questions, even to put forward suggestions on what could possibly be discussed that would help us along our path, with the SFM, DEA – internet marketing, that’s what we’re doing.

The environment is there for us to really solve our issues. Tim has provided that environment. I look at it as a very safe environment. You can ask questions, and you don’t feel stupid. If you ask questions, the community that Tim’s built through his webinar, they’re also there to help, and assist you along.

The fact that community’s been created by Tim, is invaluable to me on my journey.

The one thing, and the very special thing that I get from Tim is a sense of honesty, realism, and that’s where I lean. I’m a no BS kind of guy – I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to be sold something – I rather figure it out myself. If I do have a question, the expectation is that the answer that I receive is exacting – no color – just this is what it is.

I feel that I get that with Tim.

So not only do I have the community, but I also have somebody that is credible to me, honest, and therefore just brings value to my journey.  

– Guy Wilson

Working with Tim has been awesome.  

We came into the business insecure, no skills, wondering how we’re even going to get on our feet… Tim’s been there every step of the way, being vulnerable, sharing his insecurities with us, and helping us.

Having webinars every week that we can go on, and he answers questions…

Just the support that’s there with him is above and beyond anything that we could have asked for.

We’re just so grateful for you Tim. We’re so grateful for all your help, all your encouragement, and everything that you do for us constantly. ”

– Tonja Durre

”  Working with Tim has been such an incredibly blessing in my life.

I actually came across one of his Youtube ads and one of the most important things that struck me about Tim was how genuine and authentic he was in relating to other people. And I’ve found that to be true, and ever more so since I’ve been working with Tim.

The advice and guidance, the time that he spent with me on calls on weekly webinar has been so incredibly… I can’t even find the words for it really… because it’s invaluable to me.

The value that he’s added to my life personally, has just given me such a boost. I’ve been in a really broken place in my life, and just having somebody who, I didn’t really know, but somebody who actually believed in me, really just brought healing to my heart, and helped me again to believe in my self again.

It’s such a privilege to work with Tim and his particular team of SFM people.  ”

– Kelly Mar

”  Working with Tim has been… FANTASTIC!

I really like him as a leader, his smile is irresistible, and that transparency just shines through.

Whenever we ask him a question, we can be sure he will give a very honest answer.  

He’s just so true, so real, so open, and so willing to help other people.

So I feel very fortunate to be introduced to SFM by Tim.

I just enjoy working with him.  ”

– Hong Xie

”  Working with my mentor, Tim, has been really great.

What “hits” me was his truthfulness, honesty…  That’s the first thing I connected with him.

Through this journey he has helped me a lot… really a lot…

I mean, as long as you reach out to him, he’ll be there to share with you – his experience, what are the things to do, what are the things that can work, or may not work…

He’ll go into the little details of what you can do to make things happen.

I’m really glad that I’ve joined him, joined his team.  ”

– Danny Tan


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