Big data – Is it for you or against you?

Apr 6, 2017

Big data means that anyone can know virtually anything about any of us. But big data also presents opportunities that have never been available until today. Anyone can start using big data for your own profits. Learn how here.


How Big Is Big Data?


Have you ever wondered how big ‘big data’ really is?


Let me give you an idea. ALL human communication that has ever taken place up to 2003 (that’s after the first dot-com bubble burst) could be stored within 5 Billion Gigabytes. In 2011, 5 Billion Gigabytes of data was created in just 2 days!


But don’t take it from me, that what Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google said.


On any given day now, 900,000 blog posts are created, 50 million tweets are sent, 60 million updates are posted on Facebook, and 210 billion emails are sent!


Implications of big data


What does all this mean?


It means that if someone wanted to know anything about anyone, it is possibly, out there to find!


If you doubt that, Google is said to have 1,500 pieces of information on 96% of US households. This data could be anything from your age, who you live with (from your address), who you are friends with (from your emails and contacts), places you frequent (from Google Maps), and that’s just to name a few!


Facebook by its very nature, collects even more personal data, such as what your job title is and where you work, where you hang out, who your partner is, what you “like”…


Now, if you’re anything like me, that frightened me in a big way!


No one can avoid Google completely, but I stayed away from Facebook for as long as I could, until my job at the time as the Head of Legal of a top government agency required me to have a Facebook account… It’s a long story… but if you check out my Facebook page and my first “like” ever that will give you some idea… there’s really nothing you can hide in this day and age!


I realized then that I could not avoid these developments forever.  And indeed NO ONE can.


One can either embrace them, or fear them.


So, I decided to find a way to make all that data work FOR me and not AGAINST me.


How To Make Big Data Work For You


While looking for opportunities to leverage all of this data, I considered many things from investing in a company that does this, to starting one, and found that in order for me to leave my job as a Head of Legal in a large organization, I needed to have a way to replace a significant income fairly quickly.


Thankfully, I found a way that allowed me to do just that without having to create my own product or company, and to just be a middleman. As they say, rather than go prospecting for gold – just sell shovels!


I started becoming a professional middleman – or in modern internet parlance – an affiliate marketer.


And all this Big Data, the Scary Big Data now works for me rather than against me. Once I learnt how to harness the power of all the data out there, it’s like having super-powers which I can use for good or evil. I use it to promote things that have worked for me, causes I believe in, and the right thing for the right person.


If you would like to start looking at Big Data in a way that could benefit you, the first step is to start learning how you can use it by starting risk-free, by clicking here.



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