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Jul 21, 2017

The digital economy is here – the Singapore Government is addressing the issue of job transformations – are you ready to skill up?


There was an interesting bit of news in Singapore, on 19 July 2017.


The Singapore Government, well known as a global leader for its foresight in economic matters, demonstrated how seriously it is taking the transformation to the digital economy.


It announced that not one, but 5 political office holders, including a cabinet minister, will co-ordinate jobs for Singaporeans to move into industries “where higher-skilled workers may need help to adapt to the sweeping changes coming their way.”  The Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said that the industries were chosen as they were likely to be the most affected by disruptive technology.”


This effort will be led by Singapore’s Second Minister For Manpower, Mrs Josephine Teo, who said in a Facebook post:


“There are job losses, but they are often due to businesses and industries transforming rather than shutting down. Some activities that are not as efficient or have become irrelevant are being phased out and the original workers displaced. But new activities are required and people hired to carry them out. Until recently, for example, who had heard of digital marketeers and cybersecurity analysts?


There are also more #PMETs in our workforce than before. They now constitute some 70% of those made redundant. At the same time, more of the new jobs created today require PMETs.”


For the uninitiated, PMET is an acronym for “Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians”.


A unique proven opportunity in the digital economy


I’ve always believed that any disruption provides unique growth opportunities. If you’re currently a PMET, then tooling up for the changes will provide you with a unique opportunity to ride the wave of the digital economy.


Conversely, if you’re not a PMET, this will give you a chance to start a professional or management career in the digital economy when you may not have had the chance before.


The key is to tool up and get the necessary skills.


That process will be entirely different in the digital economy.  It took me years in law school, a year doing the UK bar exams and a year doing the Singapore bar exams, followed by being a trainee lawyer and then a 20 year legal career to reach an income, that was replaced within 6 months of me taking the training, and starting my online business.


If you’re hardworking, open-minded, and prepared to invest in yourself, I’d love to work with you to secure your place in the digital economy.  Submit your application today.



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