What is your motivation for success?

Feb 28, 2017

The greatest motivation for success is in us.  Material, external motivation for success can only take us so far.  We need to harness the most powerful emotion to get us to the success that we yearn for.


You’re reading this, I’m willing to guess that you’re looking for something more from life. But why? Why do you want something more from life? Or what is your underlying motivation for success?


I recently spoke with a couple who’s having trouble motivating their son to study harder. As my daughter’s grades are consistently good, they came to us for advice.


When we started speaking, it sounded to us like they had reached their wits end! It sounded like they had tried everything – from grounding, to bribing, to setting out detailed schedules, and milestones!


The one thing they did not do, was to activate their son’s inner desire to succeed. They had not helped him find his own motivation for success.  Succeeding for the grades, or to get that new X-box will never create enough drive to push a person outside their comfort zones. And going outside our comfort zones is often necessary to do the things that need to be done in order to succeed.


This is quite logical, because if we keep doing what we are already doing, which is in our comfort zones, we will keep getting the results that we are already getting, which is clearly not good enough if we want change.


What is needed to get us to go outside our comfort zones is a result that brings a benefit to those whom we love. So, I would submit that love is the greatest motivation for success known to man.


Take me for example, if it weren’t for wanting to be more available for my family, and to serve my community and church, I would have stuck to my law job. After all, I had done it for so long it, and it was comfortable, and financially rewarding.


Starting an online business, was way outside my comfort zone. But I knew that if I wanted different results, I needed to do something differently. Nothing could have motivated me to do this, and to succeed at this, except for the motivation brought about internally and by love.


In short, I needed a strong motivation for success, one that was inside me, and one that was driven by love for others.


I’ve also worked with so many students now, that it has become evident that those who succeed at this business, are those working for a reason greater than making money. Yes, the money is good, but the motivation for success for the most successful students goes way beyond money – it goes to wanting to be with their families, to pay off their parents’ mortgage, to retire a husband.


These of these students have stories that are absolutely inspirational. Each one of them inspires me to keep doing this.


One of the greatest things about one of the training tools that I use, the SFM, is that if you do not know your inner motivation for success, we have coaches that will work with you to discover what drives you to succeed. I’ve personally worked with bankers who have come in to just make money and discovered so much more about their motivation for success through this process.  And besides making the money, having a strong loving motivation for success brings about a whole life of fulfilment.


You too can better your life today.  Discover your own internal motivation for success.  And succeed.  Start working with me today – click here.

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