Work life balance, or balancing work and family time can be a real challenge in this day and age.

We often hear people bemoaning the connected lifestyle… with emails, and mobile phones – or worse, they bred and birthed “mobile mail”! In that same breath, you often hear about how life was easier in the days of the fax machine or telex…

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Work life balance wasn’t something you needed to worry about then it appears, but now, it is something that must be actively worked towards, or our natural tendency to keep working, even outside the office, will overtake us.

Now, email and mobile phones are really just tools.  What we do with these tools is really our choice.  We can be disciplined and just shut them down, or we can allow them to be the leashes that bind us to the office.

I’m about to propose a third use for these tools.  And this is what I’ve been doing.  They let me work from anywhere, anytime.  I now have the time in the day to spend time with the kids, working while I wait for them, or during any other slots.  This has also given me the time to do the things that I love (besides spending time with the kids and significant other… of course…)

If work life balance is what you want to achieve, these guys have a great tool.  Please click here and let my friend Stuart tell you more about it.  It’s changed my life, and I’m confident it’ll change yours too!